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Karen has diverse experience in the publishing industry, both in the mainstreamand technical press, including a number of years as an editor at IDG’s Network World magazine. She has been with Computer Graphics World for eight years, writing and editing feature articles pertaining to the areas of film, television, computer gaming, digital fine art, and Web technology. A national ASBPE Gold winner, she has also received a number of Silver and Bronze Awards, and has been named a finalist for the prestigious Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award a numerous times.
Authored Articles
Drake's Deception
Published: 14-Mar-2012

When Naughty Dog created the first Uncharted game, Drake’s Fortune, in 2007, the crew knew they had something special, and the industry knew it as well, citing the title’s technical achievements and its high production values that many compared to those of a feature film. The successful follow-up in 2009, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, continued to reap accolades and awards with its stunning visuals and complex animations. In late 2011, Naughty Dog released Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and continued its trend of receiving acclaim and awards, with critics citing the title’s stunning graphics and cinematic quality, among other game features.
Editor's Note
Published: 9-Mar-2012

The video/computer games market certainly has evolved over the years. My first introduction to computerized gaming was during my early teens, when my best friend got a Pong system for the family television. We logged countless hours playing this unique version of table tennis—that is, until her mom limited our playing time because she thought we would go blind from the eyestrain, but not before the system permanently damaged the picture on the television screen.
Seed Money
Published: 9-Mar-2012

CG helps business concept take root 
Blazing A New Trail
Published: 9-Mar-2012

Studios devise a novel pipeline for handling stereo conversion more efficiently and with better results
Editor's Note
Published: 29-Nov-2011

Stereo 3D: A Visible Difference
Road To Oscar
Published: 29-Nov-2011

Which visual effects and animated features are causing buzz heading into Oscar Season?
Scared Silly
Published: 26-Oct-2011

From Art to Part: A CG character comes to life in the real world
Editor's Note
Published: 25-Oct-2011

iCons and Icons
Editor's Note
Published: 28-Sep-2011

Initially I was going to title this editorial “The End” since the focus was going to be on the magical visual effects journey of Harry Potter that spanned a decade. But somehow that just didn’t seem appropriate. Indeed, the series has come to an end, forcing studios throughout the world to close this particular chapter of their work.
Poetry In Motion
Published: 25-Jul-2011

Charlex displays the creativity of its artists with a unique in-house project
Reality Check
Published: 25-Jul-2011

It often takes a confluence of remarkable discoveries to result in a technological achievement that will impact our daily life. Consider, for instance, augmented reality, which melds a digitally re-created environment with the real world. In 1968, Evans & Sutherland created the first augmented-reality system that used an optical head-mounted display with mechanical and ultrasonic trackers. Here, computers processed and displayed a simple wireframe depiction of the environment in real time. Eventually, computer processing became more powerful, tracking more precise, and graphics more realistic—and scientific and military applications took advantage of this confluence of technologies. Some years later, ARToolKit, an open-source solution utilizing computer vision algorithms and video tracking libraries for calculating camera position, negated the need for expensive hardware and software, making the technology more accessible. The most recent game changer for AR occurred with the Internet revolution, as users with fast computers and web­cams began linking to the Internet using broadband or even fiber connections. Then came the gaming revolution a la the Wii and Kinect, which made object tracking popular, inexpensive, and fun for everyone. When the mobile revolution kicked in and smartphones became the norm rather than a luxury, well, that marked the tipping point for the technology.
Thinking Outside The Box
Published: 25-Jul-2011

When a potential tent-pole film debuts, you can expect to see a range of licensed merchandise associated with that property popping up on store shelves. We’ve come to expect the various toys—video games, board games, and action figures—and even the fast-food accompaniments from McDonald’s and Burger King, for example. But more and more, movie characters are turning up just about everywhere—from aboard cruises to grocery aisles. Why? Kids love these characters, and parents are eager to satisfy their kids. And for companies looking for an added edge, it’s a marketing match made in reality—or possibly, virtual reality.
Editor's Note
Published: 22-Jul-2011

Once again, we opened the summer with a number of highly anticipated films vying for theatergoers’ attention (and wallets).
Published: 27-Apr-2011

Animated superheros, the new guardians of the NHL franchises, save the day in their debut adventure.
Monster Movie
Published: 27-Apr-2011

Computer-generated characters and a miniature set give the short film “The Gruffalo” its charm. 
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