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Karen Moltenbrey

Karen has diverse experience in the publishing industry, both in the mainstreamand technical press, including a number of years as an editor at IDG’s Network World magazine. She has been with Computer Graphics World for eight years, writing and editing feature articles pertaining to the areas of film, television, computer gaming, digital fine art, and Web technology. A national ASBPE Gold winner, she has also received a number of Silver and Bronze Awards, and has been named a finalist for the prestigious Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award a numerous times.
Authored Articles
Rigged for Success
Published: 20-Nov-2015

Students from Cogswell College develop 3D animatable rigs for public use.
What’s Old Is New Again
Published: 19-Nov-2015

What’s old is new again, and that is certainly the case with beloved 2D Peanuts, thanks to the artistic and technological endeavors by the crew at Blue Sky Studios. The same can be said for virtual reality, which has made quite a comeback.
A Boy's Life
Published: 2-Sep-2015

Epic advances storytelling with a compelling real-time film created in its Unreal Engine 4
Almost Human
Published: 2-Sep-2015

Industry pioneers collaborate to advance the development of digital humans
Are You Ready For Siggraph?
Published: 28-Aug-2015

SIGGRAPH 2015 Chair Marc Barr talks about what is new at the show, what attendees can expect, and why they should attend.
Today's Future
Published: 15-Jun-2015

I remember the day my best friend told me she was going to Disney World in Orlando. I was in fifth grade. And, yes, I was jealous. Disney World was that faraway place where magic came alive. She was the first person I knew who had actually stepped foot in the kingdom, which had opened just a few years earlier.
Projects with Character
Published: 9-Apr-2015

The roles for digital characters are expanding, and with little wonder: The CG cast filling those positions of late have done an excellent job, as have the digital artists who created the characters. Some have small but magical roles, while others are leads alongside real actors.
Spot On
Published: 8-Apr-2015

Visual effects add a “Wow!” factor to several television commercials with complex digital work.
A house with history
Published: 4-Feb-2015

Artists use gaming techniques to accurately reconstruct a World Heritage site.
Technology advances drive new CG applications
Published: 3-Feb-2015

Advances in computer graphics technology can come from the likeliest – and least likely – of industries.
Red Carpet Ready
Published: 10-Dec-2014

Which VFX and animated feature films will earn nominations in the top awards competitions?
The 2014 Box Office and Superhero Domination
Published: 9-Dec-2014

The year 2014 has brought us some impressive films, particularly those falling into the visual effects and animation categories. Some were originals, stories that were debuting on the big screen for the first time. Some were the second (or more) installments of earlier, well received properties. Some generated quite a lot of buzz and dollars, while others simply held their own.
The Evolving Art of Stop Motion
Published: 20-Oct-2014

Art Historian
Published: 20-Oct-2014

NewTek’s Tim Jenison uses LightWave/3D printing to help uncover Vermeer’s secret painting technique.
Fairy-tale Effects
Published: 17-Sep-2014

VFX artists create a range of work to support television series based on classic tales.
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