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Karen has diverse experience in the publishing industry, both in the mainstreamand technical press, including a number of years as an editor at IDG’s Network World magazine. She has been with Computer Graphics World for eight years, writing and editing feature articles pertaining to the areas of film, television, computer gaming, digital fine art, and Web technology. A national ASBPE Gold winner, she has also received a number of Silver and Bronze Awards, and has been named a finalist for the prestigious Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award a numerous times.
Authored Articles
The Passion Still Burns
Published: 30-Nov-2012

Happy birthday to Computer Graphics World, as we celebrate our 35th year as the premier publication serving the CG industry. Joining us in this milestone are some CG pioneers, including the publication's founders.
Siggraph 2012 Computer Animation Festival
Published: 8-Oct-2012

What’s Old Is New Again
Published: 5-Oct-2012

Classic-style animation seemed to have gone out of fashion when CGI became the de-facto medium. However, that does not mean that today’s audiences lack the appreciation for traditional animation.
Back in Style
Published: 5-Oct-2012

A pair of 2D games uses new technology to revive the retro look.
Fine Tooning
Published: 5-Oct-2012

Ubisoft Montpellier’s Rayman Origins sports a retro 2D look created with a new graphics engine that simplifies the animation process
Second Act
Published: 5-Oct-2012

Multidimensional characters shine in a unique interactive story
Stress Relief
Published: 27-Aug-2012

A museum uses digital scanning to ensure the safety of an ancient coffin.
Mysterious Journey
Published: 27-Aug-2012

An adventure guided by imagery, color, sound, and design.

SIGGRAPH 2012: Art + Science
Published: 27-Aug-2012

The SIGGRAPH 2012 chair, Rebecca Strzelec, adds a personal touch to
this year’s graphics conference and exhibition, combining her passions for art and technology—the true heart of SIGGRAPH.
Editor's Note
Published: 16-May-2012

FMX: An Industry Must
Gears of War 3
Published: 14-Mar-2012

Computerized gaming has certainly evolved over the years, thanks in no small part to the current generation of sophisticated, ultra-powerful consoles. As a result, developers are able to fine-tune their titles to take advantage of the processing capabilities offered on these machines. The result? Games that integrate interesting story arcs and compelling gameplay into a title brimming with stunning environments, emotive characters, and complex visual effects. Now, a number of them are also embracing the 3D stereoscopic medium.
Drake's Deception
Published: 14-Mar-2012

When Naughty Dog created the first Uncharted game, Drake’s Fortune, in 2007, the crew knew they had something special, and the industry knew it as well, citing the title’s technical achievements and its high production values that many compared to those of a feature film. The successful follow-up in 2009, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, continued to reap accolades and awards with its stunning visuals and complex animations. In late 2011, Naughty Dog released Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and continued its trend of receiving acclaim and awards, with critics citing the title’s stunning graphics and cinematic quality, among other game features.
Editor's Note
Published: 9-Mar-2012

The video/computer games market certainly has evolved over the years. My first introduction to computerized gaming was during my early teens, when my best friend got a Pong system for the family television. We logged countless hours playing this unique version of table tennis—that is, until her mom limited our playing time because she thought we would go blind from the eyestrain, but not before the system permanently damaged the picture on the television screen.
Seed Money
Published: 9-Mar-2012

CG helps business concept take root 
Blazing A New Trail
Published: 9-Mar-2012

Studios devise a novel pipeline for handling stereo conversion more efficiently and with better results
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