Barbara Robertson

Contributing Editor

Barbara has been writing about computer graphics, computer animation, and visual effects for more than 15 years. She has moderated panels on visual effects and animation for Imagina, SIGGRAPH and others, and has served on the jury for Prix Ars Electronic and other competitions. A former senior editor at Computer Graphics World, she is the recipient of numerous awards including the Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award and the Society of Technical Communications’ Award of Excellence in international competition.
Authored Articles
Dancing the Ice Away
Published: 29-Nov-2011

Animation director Rob Coleman talks about the cool, new CG feature Ha ...
Technical Knockout
Published: 26-Oct-2011

Teams Digital Domain, Giant, and Video Hawks put virtual robot boxers ...
Holy Frijole
Published: 25-Oct-2011

DreamWorks Animation puts Shrek’s Puss in Boots into a fairy-tale worl ...
Chimp Change
Published: 28-Sep-2011

The artists and scientists at Weta Digital didn't monkey around when i ...
A Final Fantasy
Published: 28-Sep-2011

VFX supervisor Tim Burke leads the visual effects efforts for the eigh ...
Up-and-Coming Superstars
Published: 28-Sep-2011

Recent graduates have a hand in this summer’s VFX-driven superhero mov ...
Killer Machines
Published: 5-Aug-2011

ILM ups the visual complexity and action for the third film in the Tra ...
Captains of the World
Published: 25-Jul-2011

Within the superhero genre, Marvel Comics characters from the films Ir ...
The World Is Not Enough
Published: 25-Jul-2011

Pixar Animation Studios sends its Cars stars around the globe in a seq ...
Scales, Fishtails, and a Fickle Fountain of Youth
Published: 25-Jul-2011

Industrial Light & Magic dives into state-of-the-art effects for P ...
Stepping Out
Published: 27-Apr-2011

New CG technology and techniques help Fox/Blue Sky Studios dance into ...
Easter Funny
Published: 27-Apr-2011

Rhythm & Hues creates a CG Easter Bunny that stars in the live-act ...
Claim Jumpers
Published: 16-Mar-2011

Industrial Light & Magic uses techniques and processes honed in vi ...
Cry Wolf
Published: 16-Mar-2011

In this modern fairy tale, a CG werewolf stalks Red Riding Hood by nig ...
Mother Of Invention
Published: 16-Mar-2011

ImageMovers Digital takes a last bow with its CG feature Mars Needs Mo ...
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