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Barbara Robertson

Contributing Editor

Barbara has been writing about computer graphics, computer animation, and visual effects for more than 15 years. She has moderated panels on visual effects and animation for Imagina, SIGGRAPH and others, and has served on the jury for Prix Ars Electronic and other competitions. A former senior editor at Computer Graphics World, she is the recipient of numerous awards including the Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award and the Society of Technical Communications’ Award of Excellence in international competition.

Author Articles

  • Myth Labs
    Myth Labs

    A number of visual effects companies, with Digital Domain and MPC at the lead, conjure up digital magic, including mythical creatures such as a multi-headed fire-breathing Hydra, a winged Fury, a towe ...

    February 18, 2010

  • Taking Flight
    Taking Flight

    On April 25, 2004, at 3:42 pm central daylight time, in the Bayou de View area of Arkansas’ Cache River National Wildlife Refuge, while riding in a canoe, researcher David Luneau videotaped a bird man ...

    January 19, 2010

  • The Tradition Lives On
    The Tradition Lives On

    When Walt Disney Animation Studios quit making 2D animated features in favor of films made with 3D computer graphics, it signaled, for many people, the death of that traditional medium. Ironically, di ...

    January 19, 2010

  • One Step at a Time
    One Step at a Time

    Of the five animated features nominated for Golden Globe awards this season, two—Coraline and The Fantastic Mr. Fox—used stop motion, one of the oldest animation techniques. Even so, for Mr. Fox, as w ...

    January 19, 2010

  • CG In Another World
    CG In Another World

    Weta Digital helps James Cameron achieve his long-awaited vision, Avatar, pushing digital filmmaking into new worlds.     

    December 18, 2009

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