You have the unique opportunity to display your art in front of tens of thousands of people each month by showcasing in the CGW Gallery. Have your pieces seen by directors, visual effects supervisors, studio owners, fellow artists, and others as they examine your artwork and offer up helpful critiques.

  • Work must be owned by the submitter
  • Artists should submit no more than 3 images for each gallery entry
  • Include artist's name, email address (optional), image and title of image, and a brief biography (no more than 300 words).
  • Images must be in a JPEG format, 72 dpi, and not more than 1000px wide.

To submit artwork for consideration, send your request to
  • Amir Akbarshahi

      View More
  • Briana Franceschini

    Nexus artistically explores the world of connections linking creatures in the animal kingdom. It is ...   View More
  • Jochem Aarts

    Abandoned Bel Air. The idea came from seeing an old car graveyard. I made a tribiute to one of those ...   View More
  • Luca Nemolato

    Luca Nemolato, is born in Naples, Italy in 1991. He is a an italian Concept Artist, CG Modeler & ...   View More

Current Gallery

Amir Akbarshahi
August 2004
Jesse Navara At the age of 19, Jesse Navara already is exhibiting considerable talent. He presently is pursuing a Bachelor degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire. Computer ...
July 2004
érika Galvão Hinkle, Ph.D. Erika received her Bachelor degree in Arts and Art Education from the Universidade Federal de Uberlndia in Uberlndia, M.G., Brazil. She went on to gain her Master ...
June 2004
Asif Siddiqui Asif Siddiqui is said to be naturally inclined towards the creative aspects of life and philosophy. Born in the port capital of Karachi, Asif later graduated with a degree in Mechanical ...
April 2004
Mike Moran Mike Moran, born in Shropshire, grew up on the Dorset coast. He studied at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art and North Staffordshire Polytechnic. Since moving to Bristol in 1989, he has ...
March 2004
Patrick Beaulieu Patrick Beaulieu, born in Quebec in 1981, has been interested in developing his artistic skills since he was very young. Based in Quebec City, he pursued and earned a degree in art, ...
February 2004
Bill Green Bill Green grew up in Arkansas and studied art under local artist Joyce Burnes. After receiving his Bachelor's degree in Art with an emphasis in Computer Animation from Southwest Missouri ...
January 2004
Ivan Domeyko Our January artist is Ivan Domeyko, who studied Fine Arts in Santiago, Chile, and Computer Graphics and Animation techniques in California, Brazil, and New York throughout the 1980s. ...
December 2003
Our December artist is Brian Dugan, who harbors an appreciation for retro-style graphics. "I always have been interested in Letterforms," says Dugan. "An image combined with the written word gets the ...
October/November 2003
Our October/November artist is Maureen Mulvihill. She begins her creative process with the development of an original abstract slide using color gels and colored foil reflecting into silver or gold ...
August/September 2003
Our August/September artist is Ricky Linton. Born in 1984 and living in Jakarta, Indonesia, Ricky Linton lists creating 3D computer graphics as one of his favorite pastimes. As a hobbyist, Linton ...
June/July 2003
Our June/July Gallery artist is M. C. Holloway. A printer by trade, M.C. Holloway enjoys a second career as a part-time artist. It is his love of art and creativity that drives Holloway to create not ...
March/April 2003
Our March/April Gallery artist is Svetlan Stefanov, a 35-year-old Bulgarian graphics and Web designer. His favorite programs for creating digital art are Adobe Systems' Photoshop and Corel's Bryce. ...
January/February 2003
Our January/February 2003 artist is Randall Scott, who is a graphic artist with RDTV in Canada. Scott has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Regina in Saskatchewan Canada.
September/October 2002
September's Gallery artist is 28-year-old Lenny Bickford, who is based in New Jersey. For software, Bickford uses mainly Adobe Systems' Illustrator, Corel's Bryce, and procreate's Painter.
July/August 2002
Stitt is a 22-year-old graphic designer who started out using a variety of 2D paint programs, then settled on Adobe Systems' Photoshop, with which she created our featured images. Piotr, 30, whose ...

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