Volume 38 Issue 6: (Nov/Dec 2015)

In this issue:

- The Good Dinosaur
- Virtual Reality
- Workstations
...and more!


Exquisite Danger
The film begins with rain falling on Aspen leaves, dripping from pine needles, and splashing on rocks. We see a farmhouse planted in a meadow. Clawtooth Mountains hover in the distance. It’s a ...
The workstation market has had a few ups and downs, but nothing like those in the consumer or commercial PC market. In fact, the workstation market has been relatively stable – not recession-proof, ...
It Takes A Village
The timing couldn’t have been better. The popularity of VR and AR was on the upswing at a meteoric level, and SIGGRAPH was not about to ignore the resurgence of these technologies. To showcase the ...
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