Velda's Vision

Velda's Vision is a modeling demo reel created by Thomas Hernandez that brings to the spectator, the fantastic world of witchcraft. It is settled in the core of an ancient dark forest, in a old and hidden hut, where all the magic is crafted for the protection of this dimension against the darkness.

Recent Videos

FIFA 14 Celebrations
10-Sep-2013 | Projects
Soccer fans are preparing to celebrate the release of EA Sports' FIFA 14, which contains innovations to the greatest sports game on the planet, as fans will be able to experience the emotion of scorin ...
Polita on Broadway
29-Aug-2013 | Projects
The riveting musical Polita, a unique 3D theater experience, is bringing its game-changing stage technology to Broadway with the help of Platige.
Castle of Illusion
30-Jul-2013 | Projects
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse was a 16-bit side-scrolling platform game developed by Sega for the Sega Genesis in 1990. A remake of the game, developed by Sega Studios Australia, will be re ...
A Bottle's Journey
29-Jul-2013 | Projects
As classic tales of self-discovery and personal growth go, a discarded plastic bottle makes an unusual protagonist, but the VFX team at MPC collaborated with MJZ’s Victor Garcia to help to bring just ...
EA Sports: Feel the Fight
22-Jul-2013 | Projects
22-Jul-2013 | Projects
Modus FX: The Making of Now You See Me
18-Jul-2013 | Projects
Modus FX completed 227 shots for Now You See Me. The movie has several layers of illusion. The storyline plays with time while these effects shots play with visual reality.
Dewar's 3-B Printing Project
12-Jul-2013 | Projects
To celebrate the debut of Dewar’s Highlander Honey, the whiskey producer is showcasing the craft of one of its most important partners in making the new infused blend, the Highlander honeybees, with t ...
The Most Advanced Workstation For GPU Rendering
18-Jun-2013 | Projects
This animated video provides a look inside the multi-GPU 3DBOXX 8950, a highly versatile, configurable, and powerful Intel Xeon-based workstation from BOXX Technologies. With up to 5 GPUs, this system ...
MPC Epic Battle
6-Jun-2013 | Projects
Artists take viewers on a VFX journey in a stunning commercial across time and space.
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