Velda's Vision

Velda's Vision is a modeling demo reel created by Thomas Hernandez that brings to the spectator, the fantastic world of witchcraft. It is settled in the core of an ancient dark forest, in a old and hidden hut, where all the magic is crafted for the protection of this dimension against the darkness.

Recent Videos

DIRECTV Frozen Moment - TV Spot
7-Jun-2011 | Projects
DIRECTV Frozen Moment - The Making Of
7-Jun-2011 | Projects
MPC LA helps DIRECTV turns up the heat in their latest installment for their "Frozen Moment" series of commercials directed by Noam Murro of Biscuit Filmworks for Grey.
Vitamin Has All the Right Moves for Nike
16-May-2011 | Projects
Digital production studio creates all-CG spot for new Nike shoes with ‘Fuse’ technology.
Absolute Gets Verizon Out of a Jam
9-May-2011 | Projects
Timex Timepieces
3-May-2011 | Projects
Timex Nautica
3-May-2011 | Projects
Timex Ecko In-Store
3-May-2011 | Projects
Time-lapse 3D
8-Apr-2011 | Projects
MPC's Nicolas Aithadi on Bafta & Oscar Nominations
11-Feb-2011 | Projects
MMA Demo Video
11-Feb-2011 | Projects
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