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Framestore Directs and Crafts VFX for Andrex's Second CG Puppy Commercial
Published Date: 31-May-2011
Framestore has created the second installment of Andrex's new CG puppy campaign, a party themed commercial called Collections. Not only did Framestore create all visual effects in this ...
WebGL gets rough welcome from British security firm
Published Date: 27-May-2011
WebGL has made its grand debut, and now the Web community is getting a chance to fiddle with the knobs. Amid the positive response, there has come a warning. A security firm based in England, Context, ...
An Open Letter to VFX Artists and the Entertainment Industry at Large: Visual Effects Society: 2.0
Published Date: 25-May-2011
As an Honorary Society, VES has led the way in promoting the incredible work of VFX artists but so far no one has stood up to lead the way on the business side of our business. No one has been able to ...
Kicking Back
Published Date: 25-May-2011
DreamWorks Animation pushes its star CG panda into deeper trouble in Kung Fu Panda 2 
Getting Closure
Published Date: 20-May-2011
Smallville’s finale incorporates VFX to close the series in style.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Published Date: 20-May-2011
In the June issue, CGW sails behind the scenes on the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” film, “On Stranger Tides,” to detail the cutting-edge visual effects in the film,  particularly those cente ...
Inside Nvidia's Emulation Lab
Published Date: 18-May-2011
Santa Clara, Calif. -- We've never made much noise about our emulation lab. After all, the multimillion-dollar collection of high-performance processors we use to verify and QA our chip designs is a l ...
Published Date: 16-May-2011
Method Studios uses V-Ray to help put a shine on Halo Reach commercial.
Vitamin Has All the Right Moves for Nike
Published Date: 16-May-2011
Digital production studio creates all-CG spot for new Nike shoes with ‘Fuse’ technology
Expectations Somersault in Cedric Nicolas-Troyan's Carrot vs. Ninja
Published Date: 13-May-2011
It starts out innocently enough. A guy is driving his muscle car down a stretch of desert highway. Distracted by what might be road kill or its distant cousin, he pulls over to investigate and a ghoul ...
Is there a future for humanities PhDs in technology, science, and industry?
Published Date: 11-May-2011
By Cynthia Haven The legendary wall between "techies" and "fuzzies" will all but crumble in a daylong conference, "BiblioTech," at which today's humanities PhDs will explore career possibilities in th ...
Well Planned
Published Date: 11-May-2011
The Third Floor provides previs might for Thor
Lufthansa Technik Simulates Aircraft Engine Wear and Tear with Ansys Software
Published Date: 11-May-2011
Pittsburgh - Lufthansa Technik AG is leveraging simulation software from ANSYS to simulate wear and tear of aircraft components, particularly in jet engines, to prolong service intervals and to create ...
MacGuff Ligne uses ArtForge V1.3 for the production of Kirikou, a new 3D film
Published Date: 9-May-2011
Paris, France - Mac Guff Ligne, a leader in visual effects and 3D animation films, uses ArtForge V1.3, provided by HD3D, as the production management software for the new 3D film Kirikou “Des Hommes e ...
Absolute Gets Verizon Out of a Jam
Published Date: 9-May-2011
Think your internet connection can do everything but drive you down the road? Well, check out Absolute’s latest post work for Verizon FiOS, and you'll start to believe it can do even that.
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