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Grand Jete Hits Its Mark with New Film Branding
Published Date: 19-Jun-2014
Hollywood, CA –Creative studio Grand Jeté ( www.grand-jete.com ) explores the simplicity of form in their dynamic and luminescent theatrical brand package for RatPac Entertainment.
Clockwork VFX Creates Monumental Battle Between Transformers
Published Date: 18-Jun-2014
DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES & NEW YORK, NY – It’s a familiar “against-all-odds” story about a scrappy boxer from the street who gets his one shot at the championship. Only this time it’s Transform ...
BYU Students Create Award-Winning Short
Published Date: 17-Jun-2014
ENSCHEDE, NETHERLANDS – Brigham Young University (BYU) students recently celebrated their second first-place win for “Owned,” a short film about a video game master who meets his match playing against ...
Get Into Soccer with "The Match" Episode 1
Published Date: 17-Jun-2014
The world’s greatest footballers unite as a team for the ages to challenge a mysterious force of aliens in a virtual football match unlike anything ever seen on earth. It began late last year when ext ...
Nike Football Launches 'The Last Game' Animation
Published Date: 10-Jun-2014
Nike Football released part three of its #riskeverything campaign. The film – "The Last Game" – is a five-minute animated feature starring some of the world's greatest footballers on a mission to save ...
Rising Sun Pictures Makes Time Stand Still
Published Date: 10-Jun-2014
Rising Sun Pictures stepped into the past with an eye to the future while creating effects for Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men Days of Future Past.
Cinesite Creates Killer Effects for 'Edge of Tomorrow'
Published Date: 6-Jun-2014
Cinesite has killed Tom Cruise. Well, sort of. The studio has completed effects for a major action sequence in the latest Tom Cruise sci-fi action thriller Edge of Tomorrow.
Joust Helps Keep Cosmos in Check
Published Date: 6-Jun-2014
The final episode of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is airing on FOX with an encore on the National Geographic Channel, and Joust, a VFX digital workflow solution, played an instrumental role behind the ...
Aliens Versus Athletes in 'The Training'
Published Date: 3-Jun-2014
Aliens have finally come to Earth, but they haven’t come in peace. They’ve come with one goal in mind: to defeat Earth’s greatest strikers in a winner-takes-all battle of football (soccer) skill that ...
DaVinci Resolve Used to Create X-Men's 'Colorful' Past
Published Date: 2-Jun-2014
Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve was used by EC3 dailies colorist Adrian DeLude for near set dailies grading on the Twentieth Century Fox blockbuster “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”
NMA Puts an Animated Spin on News Events
Published Date: 29-May-2014
When a man gets attacked by a bear or the mayor of Toronto starts giving in to drugs, who are you going to call? Next Media Animation (NMA), if you want your breaking news to be animated, informative ...
UCLA's Royce Hall Becomes Transformed through Projection Mapping
Published Date: 29-May-2014
Mirada teamed up with UCLA to create a one-of-a-kind film designed specifically for projection onto the façade of the University's iconic Royce Hall.
Re-inventing Live Stage Shows for Top Entertainers
Published Date: 27-May-2014
VYV's team of scientists and technical artists are combining real-time performer tracking, computer vision techniques and projection mapping to produce some of the most technically ambitious and visua ...
The Mill+ Creates Comfort 'Blossom' Character Animation
Published Date: 27-May-2014
The “Blossom” spot directed by Mill+ animation director Russell Appleford plays on the theme that royalty is spread by the new Comfort fragrance. The star of the ad, Felicia brings a sunny optimism to ...
CG Helps Bring Poetry to Life
Published Date: 27-May-2014
In one of the production studio’s most eclectic and soulful projects to date, Gentleman Scholar has released a stunning visual interpretation of poetry in collaboration with Motionpoems, a non-profit ...
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