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Filament Takes AJA's Ki Pro On The Road With Dave Matthews
Published Date: 21-May-2012
GRASS VALLEY, CA — Filament Productions provides touring video and production design services for top-drawing acts. For the last three years, AJA Ki Pro  digital video recorders have played an in ...
Review: Next Limit’s Maxwell Render Version 2.6
Published Date: 18-May-2012
An architect looks at Next Limit’s Maxwell Render Version 2.6.
Luma Continues Super Hero Work For 'Avengers'
Published Date: 15-May-2012
Visual effects facility Luma Pictures reunited with a familiar cast of characters on Marvel Studios’ highly anticipated “The Avengers,” using CGI to integrate a wide range of VFX.
New Tools, New Artists
Published Date: 15-May-2012
Alfonso Cuarón predicts a new generation of filmmakers as the tools, techniques change.
Hands-On With Tiny Victories
Published Date: 14-May-2012
When Brooklyn's Tiny Victories wanted a music video that gave their breakout track, “Mr. Bones,” a visual life, they turned to Nice Shoes’ creative director Brian Bowman for assistance. 
'The Wrath Of The Titans'
Published Date: 8-May-2012
Handheld virtual camera system helps leading previs house navigate the underworld for director Jonathan Liebesman's mythological blockbuster.
Monumental Maneuvers
Published Date: 7-May-2012
The first African-American military aviators to serve in the U.S. armed forces endured and overcame adversity, including racial segregation and discrimination, during World War II to fight in defense ...
Evil Eye Contributes To 'Avengers'
Published Date: 3-May-2012
Evil Eye Pictures (www.evileyepictures.com) has contributed nearly 200 visual effects shots for the highly anticipated motion picture event Marvel’s The Avengers directed by Joss Whedon. Ope ...
NFL Draft Promos
Published Date: 2-May-2012
Whether it’s in joy or frustration, The NFL Draft makes people want to shout from the rooftops. This year, re:think studios elevated its own ideas when the facility turned CG-enhanced promos for ESPN’ ...
Click 3X Brings Monopoly Dog To Life
Published Date: 2-May-2012
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Click 3X does just that in a high-energy spot for the Maryland Lottery's Monopoly scratch-off ticket, bringing the board game's iconic dog to startling ...
Published Date: 2-May-2012
Commercial for ‘Mass Effect 3’ game integrates live action, CG
The Final Frontier
Published Date: 30-Apr-2012
Norway’s projectiondesign may not be travelling to the cosmos, but they are an integral part of next-generation space exploration and travel, supplying its F35 wqxga projectors to a mission-critical f ...
Pushing Design Limits
Published Date: 26-Apr-2012
In today's product-design markets, competitive pressures and the mandate to differentiate products push designers to new and more extreme limits. High-end designers continually search for ways to remo ...
Daffy In A New Dimension
Published Date: 25-Apr-2012
Countless children grew up watching the antics of the goofy character Daffy Duck and his nemesis, the hunter Elmer Fudd in 2D animated cartoons from Warner Bros. Daffy Duck, friend and sometimes rival ...
Charlex Makes A Splash
Published Date: 25-Apr-2012
Charlex recently showed off the range of its production and post-production capabilities, using CGI and other methods, with a lively spot for all Laundry Detergent via Merkley + Partners. The 30-secon ...
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