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  • Small Size, Big Hero
    In Focus
    Small Size, Big Hero

    Saving the day is a big job for an insect-sized superhero. In creating the action for Marvel’s Ant-Man, Director Peyton Reed and his team used specialized techniques, including macrophotography, to de ...

    August 17, 2015

  • Soar: A Student's Journey
    In Focus
    Soar: A Student's Journey

    “Soar” is a short animated film by Academy of Art University (AAU) student Alyce Tzue. Here she details the amazing journey of the character in the film as well as her own when creating the project.

    August 7, 2015

  • Disaster Planning
    In Focus
    Disaster Planning

    LOS ANGELES — A catastrophic earthquake strikes California. Major population centers and landmarks are in peril. There to help as the on-screen drama of San Andreas from Warner Bros. unfolds along the ...

    August 7, 2015

  • Ant-Man in Stereo
    In Focus
    Ant-Man in Stereo

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe just keeps growing. The studio’s latest offering, Ant-Man, marks the 12th release in Marvel Studios' highly successful film franchise. Directed by Peyton Reed and featuri ...

    August 7, 2015

  • Poldark: Creating a Period Drama in a Modern Age
    In Focus
    Poldark: Creating a Period Drama in a Modern Age

    Period drama has always been popular, but in recent years it has experienced an explosion in demand. Arguably it was the high production values and top-notch writing of Downton Abbey that paved the wa ...

    July 29, 2015

  • Immersive Fun
    In Focus
    Immersive Fun

    CORVALLIS, OR – Visitors at DreamHack Summer 2015 June 13-16 in Jönkoping, Sweden had the opportunity to go head-to-head with potato chip-eating vampires in an interactive 3D game developed and design ...

    July 23, 2015

  • The Year of Pluto
    In Focus
    The Year of Pluto

    BETHESDA, MARYLAND – Pixeldust Studios, a digital animation and broadcast design studio, has created and produced many state-of-the-art animations featured within a new NASA documentary film titled “T ...

    July 21, 2015

  • Dragon Tracker
    In Focus
    Dragon Tracker

    Transporting George R.R. Martin’s fertile imagination from the page to the screen is no easy task – especially when that means creating three fully-grown CG fire-breathers. Thankfully, one of Game of ...

    July 16, 2015

  • A Masterpiece Comes to Life
    In Focus
    A Masterpiece Comes to Life

    Ikinema’s LiveAction for Unreal Engine 4 is playing a surprise role at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York this month.

    July 9, 2015

  • Spotlight on Outlander
    In Focus
    Spotlight on Outlander

    In the Starz original series Outlander, 18th century Scotland is alive and well — and looking better than ever.

    June 30, 2015

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