CGW @ GDC 2011
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
The staff of Computer Graphics World, including chief editor Karen Moltenbrey, is on hand at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), the professionals-only game industry event being held this week in Sa ...
Game Developers Choice Awards Honor Yu Suzuki, Brengle/MacKenzie
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
The 11th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards, the peer-awarded honors in video game development, honor the recipients of its two final Special Awards: Sega veteran Yu Suzuki, winner of the Pioneer Aw ...
Nexsan Launches Storage Systems for Mid-market
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
Thousand Oaks, Calif. - Nexsan, a provider of storage systems for the mid-market, has launched the Nexsan E-Series storage systems designed to provide industry-leading storage density, power efficienc ...
Vicious Engine 2 Supports Next-generation Portable Entertainment System
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
Morrisville, N.C. - Vicious Cycle Software, a developer of interactive entertainment and game development technology, announced that Vicious Engine 2 (Ve2) will support the next-generation portable en ...
NeuroSky Demonstrates Brainwave Integration at GDC
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
San Jose, Calif. - NeuroSky, dedicated to taking brain-computer interface (BCI) technology into mainstream gaming, is has announced its consumer-priced MindWave solution and new tools for in-depth app ...
Unity Technologies Debuts Unity Android
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
Unity Technologies has released Unity Android, enabling developers to port Unity-based games to Android and reach new players, and showcased Rochard, the first game authored on the Unity platform for ...
MultiSync PA301W from NEC Display Solutions Makes Debut
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
Chicago - NEC Display Solutions of America presents the 30-inch MultiSync PA301W-BK display and PA301W-BK-SV display with SpectraViewII calibration software and sensor.
The Foundry Delivers New Digital Workflow Solution
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
London, UK - Visual effects software company, The Foundry, launched its RED Digital Cinema workflow product, Storm.
Image Metrics Introduces Faceware 3.0
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
Santa Monica, Calif. - Image Metrics Inc. announced the availability of Faceware 3.0, its video performance and artist-driven facial animation software for the videogame, film, visual effects, commerc ...
Image Metrics Acquires Big Stage
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
Santa Monica, Calif. - Image Metrics Inc., a provider of facial animation technology for the entertainment industry, has acquired Big Stage’s premier platform for consumer avatar creation services.
Canada’s Business Conditions Touted by Ontario Technology Corridor at GDC
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
San Francisco, Calif. - Executives from Ontario’s tech cities are promoting pixel-perfect business conditions for expanding digital media companies.
AMD Showcases New Open-source Physics Plug-in for Autodesk Maya 2011
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
San Francisco, Calif. - At the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), AMD demonstrated a Bullet Physics plug-in, based on OpenCL industry standards and the open-source Bullet Physics Engine, for Autodesk ...
Users of Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 Benefit from Nvidia PhysX engine
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
San Rafael, Calif. - Autodesk Inc.’s Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 software--the latest version of the company’s 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing application--incorporates mRigids rigid-body ...
Autodesk Maya 2012 Takes Advantage of Nvidia PhysX engine
Published Date: 3-Mar-2011
San Rafael, Calif. - Autodesk Inc. ’s Autodesk Maya 2012 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, rendering, and compositing software now contains powerful new tool sets for previsualization and games ...
GDC 2011 Debuts Sony NGP Lecture, Microtalks, Fergusson on Gears of War
Published Date: 2-Mar-2011
GDC 2011 organizers have announced a first-ever Sony lecture on its NGP handheld, as well as the GDC Microtalks line-up with David Jaffe and Epic’s Rod Fergusson on producing the Gears of War trilogy.
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