• Haj Jomehri

    Haj Jomehri of Lionbrush Studios is a 3D artist specializing in character development. His highly ...   View More
  • Ryan Leitao

    The Ultimate Doom, Tower of Babel, Pygmalion & Galatea. An enthusiastic young artist from ...   View More
  • Seung Lee

    I'm a 3D artist working in video game industry in the US. I love to be a part of a creative process ...   View More
  • Jochem Aarts

    Abandoned Bel Air. The idea came from seeing an old car graveyard. I made a tribiute to one of those ...   View More

Current Gallery

Haj Jomehri
Haj Jomehri of Lionbrush Studios is a 3D artist specializing in character development. His highly detailed and imaginative work is evidence of his strong foundation in fine-art drawing, figures and ...
April 2001
This month, we feature artists Ricardo Bernardini, Stephanie Chauvin, Robert Kuczera, David Mathieu, and Massimo Zuanazzi.
March 2001
This month, we feature artists Hany Darwish, Jorge Caicedo, Dylan Gottlieb, Ali Kassem, Brian Manson, Eoin Rogan, and Brook Slane.
February 2001
Featured this month are works by Mike Amerson, Saby Bucella, William Green, Manoj Mantri, Douglas Meyer, Mehdi Rahimi, and C.K. Worrell.
January 2001
This month we exhibit work by Sim Pern Chong, Joshua Gorczyca, Kent Matheson, Sonny Santamaria, and Johan Thorngren.
December 2000
The artists featured in the December Gallery are Chuck Ferris, Ileana Frometa Grillo, Todd Manus, Ciro Marchetti, Walter Muncaster, Aivaras Sondeckis, and Tongming Zhou.
November 2000
The artists featured this month are Jeff Mercer, Juan Ramon, Daniel Pl�ss & Berit Lucia Schmatz, and Klaus Olsen.
October 2000
The artists featured this month are Kevin Pietschman, Jeff Lund, and Bill Cary.
September 2000
Stephane Chauvin is the art director of the Paris multimedia studio 3DCorum ( www.3dcorum.com ) The images shown here are extracts from Chauvin's next movie, Gnose M. To create them, Chauvin used ...
August 2000

July 2000
The Bubba Series Artist Brian Harris is a graduate student at Mississippi State University. His "Butterfly Series" appeared in the July 1999 Gallery. His words on the making of the Bubba Series: These ...
June 2000
Minneapolis-based artist Jeff Johnson creates illustrations and animations for the healthcare, medicine, and biotechnology fields. His work has appeared in print, broadcast, and a variety of ...
May 2000
Our gallery artist for May 2000 is 22-year-old Kentaro Maeda, who came to Los Angeles nine months ago from Japan, and now works as an animator for Liquid Light Studios, where he uses 3D Studio Max. ...
April 2000
This month our feature artists are Luiz Felippe Santos Cavalcanti, Bryan Johnson and Jonas Persson
March 2000
Computer Graphics Worlds' March 2000 artist, Andrew Marshall, is a sophomore studying digital design at the University of Cincinnati. More of Marshall's work may be found at www.andrew-marshall.com
January/February 2000
January gallery artist Jeff Selbig works in 3D Studio Max and Photoshop. Background I started out in high school, doodling on a Macintosh with a basic paint program. Back then (1986), computer ...

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