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SIGGRAPH, Coming Soon
Posted By Terrence Masson| March 09, 2010
SIGGRAPH returns to LA this year - what will be new at the conference? There will be much excitement and great content as we return to Los Angeles. Dynamic changes in 2010 include the new SIGGRAPH Dailies! program celebrating excellence in computer ...
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The Case for a 'Mass Effect' Movie
Posted By| February 03, 2010
For the uninitiated, Mass Effect is a sci-fi RPG video game series from developer BioWare that finds the player taking on the role of a human soldier, Commander Shepard, who is tasked with investigating an ancient race of aliens believed to be a ...
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Posted By Karen Moltenbrey| November 13, 2009
Will the world really end on December 21, 2012? Some doomsday followers believe it will. Others chuckle at the thought. But one thing is for sure, the end of days occurs with unbelievable death and destruction in the film 2012, released to theaters ...
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A Christmas Carol
Posted By Karen Moltenbrey| November 06, 2009
Today, Disney is releasing the highly anticipated Disney’s A Christmas Carol, a stereoscopic 3D presentation of the Charles Dickens novella. In the past, the book prompted a stage presentation and even a 2D animated movie. But it is highly unlikely ...
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Posted By By Karen Moltenbrey| November 06, 2009
Independent game developer Gearbox recently released its latest title, Borderlands, published by 2K Games. The offering is a blend of RPG and FPS. What does this mean? Action wrapped up in a nice story, and guns, plenty of guns. What is different ...
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Ray Tracing Developers, Start Your (Acceleration) Engines: OptiX API Now Available
Posted By Mark Priscaro| November 03, 2009
NVIDIA now has the high-octane fuel ready at the pump that software developers need to transform their applications. The NVIDIA OptiX ray tracing engine is now available for fueling, er, downloading < ...
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Lucky Number 7
Posted By Karen Moltenbrey| October 22, 2009
Lucky Number 7 Looks like for many Microsoft users, today is a day for celebration. Windows 7 is now available. I have to admit, the cute commercials that have been airing lately to herald the arrival have caught my attention. You know, the ones with ...
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