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What’s Old is New Again
Posted By Karen Moltenbrey| May 20, 2009
It seems like just yesterday (though it was in late 2006) when Sony released the PlayStation 3. Crowds were lined up outside of stores, with eager fans—teens, parents, 30-something-year-olds—camped out in parking lots in the bitter cold, hoping to ...
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Going in Circles Can Take You Somewhere
Posted By Barbara Robertson| May 20, 2009
Last November, I traveled to two computer graphics conferences in Europe on back-to-back trips. The View conference in Turin, Italy, which I wrote about here ( ...
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Andy Wahol, the father of social networking
Posted By Kathleen Maher| May 19, 2009
The Andy Warhol exhibit just closed at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco with a party and performance by SF punk vets the Mutants. The DeYoung show brought back memories and recreated a little corner of the Warhol's Factory where everyone was a ...
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