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Casualties of the Recession
Posted By Martin McEachern| June 23, 2009
The econopocalypse has blazed a path of destruction through every sector of the economy—leaving Chrysler and now GM in bankruptcy. Now, it looks like the wave of destruction is bearing down on the effects industry, too, refuting the theory that this ...
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Believable CG Spaceships
Posted By Martin McEachern| June 23, 2009
Star Trek had a stellar opening this spring, raking in over $222 million in just 31 days. While the crew is new, and the franchise has been stripped of its usually weighty themes, in favor of an action-packed thrill ride replete with shaky ...
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A Film by the Great Hugh Jeego
Posted By Martin McEachern| June 23, 2009
Not long ago, I found myself in a large visual effects studio watching an animator pouring his heart into the performance of a cute, stick-like alien with big saucer-shaped eyes. The animator’s name is Dave. He stands up, bleary-eyed from exhaustion, ...
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Real-time optical flow tracking
Posted By Barbara Robertson| June 17, 2009
Real-time optical flow tracking – a video that NVIDIA posted is here: Amazing. I just wrote about optical flow in my Night at the Museum 2 story for the June issue, which –will be online soon-ish. The crew ...
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I’m fascinated with Google’s new Wave
Posted By Barbara Robertson| June 03, 2009
I’m fascinated with Google’s new Wave, a communication tool (to say the least) developed by the guys who created Google Maps. I suspect that it might be useful in studios… worth checking out, anyway. Here’s a link to the amazingly tech-savvy Tim ...
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Just wanted to say ...
Posted By Barbara Robertson| June 02, 2009
Just wanted to say I saw Up in stereo 3D last night after seeing it in 2D at a press junket a couple months ago and I loved it all over again. Did I love it more than in 2D? It was definitely magical seeing the images I’d seen before open up and push ...
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Digital VFX combined with practical effects
Posted By Debra Kaufman| May 29, 2009
New Deal Studios, in Marina Del Rey, CA, has completed visual effects for two summer movies: Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian and Terminator Salvation. For Night at the Museum, New Deal VFX supervisor Ian Hunter developed the film's ...
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