Editor's Note
Issue: July-August-September 2022

Editor's Note

SIGGRAPH 2022: Advancing innovation through collaboration

Collaboration is an essential component of innovation, driving progress across all aspects of computer graphics technology. Platforms that allow students and professionals in all stages of their careers to connect and share ideas are especially important for innovation. This summer, CGW is thrilled to be continuing its partnership with SIGGRAPH, the premier conference and exhibition on computer graphics and techniques. The annual conference, now in its 49th year, will run from August 8th-11th in person in Vancouver, with on-demand talks from participants available virtually from July 25th until October 31st. 

SIGGRAPH 2022 is exploring the advances of technology in computer graphics as part of its Production Sessions programs, with industry leaders from film, VFX, and animation sectors sharing behind-the-scenes stories from their projects. “The Production Sessions Program covers the growth and progress made in computer graphics technology across the industry,” stated program chair Stephanie Eisenberg. “I’m excited to have these production teams share their stories, especially how new techniques advanced their work on films such as Dune, Lightyear, and Encanto. The SIGGRAPH 2022 Production Sessions program allows creators to showcase their work and discuss the highs and lows that happen during the production process.”

The conference will also be spotlighting selected research projects from around the world as part of both its Emerging Technologies and Immersive Pavilion programs. The selected projects cover breakthroughs in the evolution of technology across many subfields of computer graphics. “I’m thrilled to share the 2022 program, which showcases the latest innovations in computer graphics and interactive techniques across some really interesting use case scenarios,” announced program chair Mk Haley. “This year, the installations will take attendees through experiences that celebrate sensations, accessibility, virtual displays, and even electrical muscle stimulation, just to name a few. The SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies program continues to discover the next generation of contributors from around the world.”

SIGGRAPH’s Technical and Art Papers programs features selected research projects from across the globe that cover cutting-edge advancements in computer graphics. “I am excited to share the 2022 program, which showcases the very best of scientific contributions from the past year,” shared program chair Niloy J. Mitra. “The works represent innovative research that meaningfully combines machine learning with traditional approaches, among other disciplines.”

The conference will also showcase the latest innovations in digital art in the SIGGRAPH 2022 Art Gallery. “It is an honor to bring the Art Gallery back to a physical space after two years of virtual,” stated gallery chair Daria Tsoupikova. “The projects the jury has selected are fascinating, remarkable, and complex in the ways that they experiment with interactivity.” Chosen by an expert jury, this year’s Art Gallery selections epitomize the 2022 gallery theme, “Arts and Health, the Convergence,” celebrating the diversity of art helping humanity. Amid the anxieties and uncertainty brought on by a global pandemic, artists around the world continued to apply cutting-edge technologies to create experimental works that promoted mental health, fought social and cultural isolation, augmented physical well-being, and improved communication over distance. 

Kendra Ruczak
Managing Editor, CGW