Virtual Reality
Issue: Volume 41 Issue 2: (Edition 2 2018)

Virtual Reality

VR is taking hold of our lives, whether you are ready for it or not. Once a research tool, the technology has found its way into the hands of gamers, thanks to the technological advances by vendors, particularly makers of headsets, which have made the devices relatively inexpensive and available for the masses.

Recently, Director Steven Spielberg debuted the feature film Ready Player One, which focuses on a dystopian world where people escape their dreary lives through virtual reality. While making the film, he, too, stepped inside of VR, utilizing the technology to create this amazing movie.

Indeed, VR is establishing a foothold within the various workflows used by content creators. However, to achieve success, artists must establish a pipeline and methodology that is tuned to work smoothly with VR. Here, we learn how some successfully navigated this gauntlet, and offer some tips from those who have traveled this often bumpy road.

  • Game Plan
    Game Plan

    Six tips for developing a VR game

  • In a 'Fortnite'
    In a 'Fortnite'

    Epic proves real-time workflow with its Fortnite game trailer

  • Ready Set Go
    Ready Set Go

    Industrial Light & Magic and Digital Domain help director Steven Spielberg create complex virtual and dystopian worlds for Ready Player One

  • Source Data
    Source Data

    The use of CAD models for fun and profit reveals the ongoing problem of data conversion