Volume 39 Issue 4: (Jul/Aug 2016)

  • 2-Aug-2016
    Volume 39 Issue 4: (Jul/Aug 2016)
    In this issue:

    Arts and crafts: Warcraft's CG characters
    BFG's giant tech leap
    Upping the ante in VR
    Game engines
    VFX extravaganza
    Previs advantage
    Education & Recruitment Special

Cover Story

  • Crafty Effects
    Crafty Effects

    ILM develops new tools and techniques to create Orcs, such as Orgrim Doomhammer, shown here, in starring roles for Warcraft.

    July 1, 2016


  • A Tall Order
    A Tall Order

    A team at Weta Digital creates 10 CG giants with a wide range of emotions for Steven Spielberg’s The BFG.

    July 1, 2016

  • Engine-unity

    Game engines are used to knit disparate disciplines together.

    July 1, 2016

  • Experiencing Reality
    Experiencing Reality

    A pair of realistic journeys – one to Mars, the other to Mount Everest – push the boundaries of virtual reality.

    July 1, 2016

  • Hero Effects
    Hero Effects

    VFX play a major role in a spate of summer blockbusters: Independence Day, Star Trek Beyond, X-Men: Apocalypse, TMNT: Out of the Shadows

    July 1, 2016

  • Plan of Action
    Plan of Action

    Top projects leverage previs to push visual effects further.

    July 1, 2016

Editor's Note

  • Render the Possibilities
    Render the Possibilities

    Mona Kasra, SIGGRAPH 2016's conference chair, provides a look at what visitors can expect at this year’s conference and exhibition.

    July 1, 2016


  • Spotlight

    Products: HP’s Xeon Upgrades, Reallusion’s iClone 3D Video Compositing Studio, Vicon’s Vero and Vue, Side Effects’ Houdini 15.5 News: CG market to exceed $130B by 2019

    July 1, 2016


  • Viewpoint

    The Renaissance of VR

    July 1, 2016