Issue: Volume 38 Issue 2: (Mar/Apr 2015)




Autodesk Adds to Suite

Autodesk recently previewed its new Stingray Game Engine and launched Autodesk Maya LT 2016, the latest release of its 3D animation and modeling software for professional indie game developers.

The Stingray Game Engine, built using the core technology behind the Bitsquid engine acquired last summer, is currently in development and comprises tools that make it easier to bring graphically advanced games to market on a wide range of platforms. A technical preview at GDC highlighted several core areas of focus, including a live link between Stingray and multiple target devices that allows game designers to evaluate their titles simultaneously on multiple platforms, a more efficient pipeline to export 3D content, and a data-driven core architecture that makes it easier to change the look of a game without having to rewrite and re-compile the engine.

Available now, Maya LT 2016 contains new features and advancements that accelerate modeling and animation. The release includes integrated sculpting and UV editing tools, an advanced animation and game exporter tool, physically-based shaderFX nodes, and the Creative Market content storefront for purchasing 3D content.


Fabric Sews Up Canvas

Fabric Software, the company behind Fabric Engine, the development framework for high-performance visual effects tools, has launched Canvas, a new visual programming system. Fabric’s Canvas data flow graphs are portable between applications that are spliced with Fabric Engine, or they can run in Fabric’s stand-alone framework. The entire Canvas system is written in Fabric’s KL language, making it easy to use. Canvas is currently in alpha testing, with beta testing to open soon. The current version of Canvas runs in Autodesk’s Maya and in Fabric’s stand-alone C++ framework, while support for other DCC applications will be added soon. Canvas will be released as part of the upcoming Fabric Engine 2.0.


Mixamo at Your Service

Mixamo is offering a new version of its online animation service. Called Mixamo 2.0, it includes major updates to the user interface and user experience that make finding, creating, organizing, sharing, and purchasing Mixamo’s 3D character assets and animations easier. Mixamo 2.0 features a streamlined user experience, improved search capabilities, expanded animation packs, a WebGL viewer, and more.