Volume 37 Issue 2: (Mar/Apr 2014)


  • A Look Under the Microscope
    A Look Under the Microscope

    CSI: Making television history with micro-VFX for show number 300.

    April 21, 2014

  • American Made
    American Made

    Team USA medals in Sochi with a bobsled that was designed and constructed using cutting-edge tech in their home country.

    April 21, 2014

  • Score of a Lifetime
    Score of a Lifetime

    SCAD students get the opportunity to 'play' on television's biggest field.

    April 21, 2014

  • Time Difference
    Time Difference

    Artists and Animators at PDI/DreamWorks create a CG animated feature in a 2D style for the time-traveling characters in Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

    April 18, 2014

  • Unseen Beauty
    Unseen Beauty

    LOOK EFFECTS ARTISTS used CG tools to enhance Wes Anderson’s invented world for The Grand Budapest Hotel.

    April 18, 2014

  • When Stars Align and Worlds Intersect
    When Stars Align and Worlds Intersect

    Director Stu Maschwitz creates a short film that shows off Red Giant’s software and serves as a feature-film pitch.

    April 18, 2014

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