Issue: Volume 35 Issue 6: (Oct/Nov 2012)



The “world” of computer graphics was beginning to take shape. A few years earlier, the concept of interactive computer graphics had been formally recognized by ACM as a Special Interest Group (on graphics and interactive techniques). The fledgling organization, SIGGRAPH, was kicking off its fourth conference, which was considered a resounding success. All this helped set the stage for the introduction of a publication dedicated to developments in this exciting and relatively new area of computer programming.


Over the years, the CG industry has grown, giving us images that the pioneers of yesteryear could only dream of. At first, growth was slow, but eventually new software and hardware developments began occurring, opening up the doors to amazing applications across an array of industries—architecture, film, games, medicine, science, television, industrial design, and more. For the past three and a half decades, Computer Graphics World has chronicled these achievements in the pages of the publication, some of which were memorialized on the covers.