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Issue: Volume 35 Issue 6: (Oct/Nov 2012)

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Nine is Fine

Smith Micro Software has rolled out Anime Studio Pro 9 and Anime Studio Debut 9, all-in-one animation solutions that enable professional and first-time artists alike to create 2D movies, cartoons, and cutout animations for film, television, Web, video games, advertising, and more. Anime Studio 9 boasts a dramatically revamped timeline, 64-bit architecture, and GPU acceleration for increased speed and memory. Anime Studio Pro (which sells for under $200) for professional digital artists contains an easy-to-navigate interface and advanced features such as bone rigging, integrated lip-synching, 3D modeling, and motion tracking. It also supports Wacom multi-touch tablets. For novice or first-time users, Anime Studio (priced at under $50) offers a Debut version, with features such as a Beginner’s Mode, a Character Wizard, and hundreds of premade items in the content library.

Smith Micro Software;


Illuminating Control

Lightmap has expanded its HDR Light Studio 4 for Windows with OS X and Linux releases. With new LightPaint technology, lighters can point in the rendered view to direct light to the exact location where it is needed on their models, thereby slashing the time taken to light a 3D scene and enabling precise placement of lighting and reflections. HDR Light Studio 4 has been optimized for faster HDRI map generation. As a key component of any modern 3D pipeline, Python scripting has been added to enable “Live” plug-in integration with leading 3D software. Lightmap HDR Light Studio 4 is available now for $499.




KUMO to the Rescue

AJA Video Systems will soon offer its KUMO 3232, a new compact SDI router with 32 inputs and 32 outputs for cost-effective, high-quality signal routing in a small 2RU form factor. KUMO routers can be used for any broadcast, production, or postproduction environment, from mobile sports trucks and edit suites, through to corporate video installations and live A/V setups where additional inputs and outputs are needed. The KUMO 3232 rounds out the existing AJA line of standalone KUMO routers—which are devices that can be controlled from any computer on the network using a standard Web browser, and deliver full 3G SDI capabilities for high-quality signal routing. The KUMO 3232 will be available in the fourth quarter at a price of $3,495. AJA Video Systems;


Wide-View Monitor

NEC Display Solutions of America has added the MultiSync EA Series with the 22-inch EA224WMi to its high-end IT desktop line. The IPS panel of the EA224WMi provides wide viewing angles, color consistency, and image accuracy. LED backlighting technology allows a thinner, lighter, and sleeker design, as well as higher power efficiency. The EA224WMi’s touch-sensitive controls enable simple display adjustments through the On Screen Display (OSD), while its integrated smart-sensing technology includes ambient light and human sensors to automatically determine the proper display brightness and to detect work conditions. The MultiSync EA224WMI is available for $279.

NEC Display Solutions of America;

Moving in Stereo

EON Reality has introduced the EON Ibench Mobile, a tabletop stereoscopic 3D display solution, in addition to a partnership with Infinite Z, a technology provider that enables natural interaction with virtual-holographic 3D imagery. EON Reality and Infinite Z are collaborating to provide innovative 3D solutions by combining Infinite Z’s unique platform with EON’s software solutions. To this end, the EON Ibench Mobile system utilizes Infinite Z’s virtual-holographic 3D visualization technology, zSpace, to accelerate design and development processes. The system allows for intuitive, real-time interaction using Infinite Z’s zSpace with a bright 24-inch HD stereoscopic display system that is responsive to the user’s actions and allows interaction with realistic 3D objects or a full virtual environment. The system includes high-end 3D software that enables easy conversion of 3D data, scenario creation, advanced interactivity creation, and supports numerous CAD and 3D model formats as well as content from the EON Experience portal. By using zSpace as part of the EON Ibench Mobile offering, users will be able to work with designs as if they are real physical objects before they are even produced. The holographic representation provides an extra layer of detail that can’t be achieved through traditional 2D, and using the zSpace stylus allows for the pinpointed control to turn, take apart, and manipulate the design with extreme precision. EON Reality;

Infinite Z;



High Hopes

Imagineer Systems forged a series of licensing agreements and strategic partnerships that expand market presence for its flagship Planar Tracking technology into high-end postproduction and finishing markets, as well as into consumer/prosumer content creation markets. To this end, Imagineer announced strategic partnerships with Quantel, Assimilate Scratch, and FXhome—all of whom are licensing or supporting Imagineer’s Planar Tracking technology from Mocha to bring its motion-tracking technology into new products.

Imagineer Systems;