Products - Jan 08
Issue: Volume: 31 Issue: 1 (Jan. 2008)

Products - Jan 08



Acer P Series
Acer America Corp. has released its P series of LCD monitors for multimedia, gaming, video, and educational applications. The P series includes­ 19-, 20-, 22-, and 24-inch LCDs offering fast response times, clear imagery with sharp edges, no ambient light reflection, and Windows Vista certification. The 19-inch-wide P191Wd, priced under $230, offers 1440x900 resolution, a 2000:1 contrast ratio, and VGA and DVI interfaces. The 20-inch-wide P201Wd boasts 1680x1050 resolution, a 2500:1 contrast ratio, VGA and DVI connectivity, and a price under $270. At under $330, the 22-inch P221Wd features 1680x1050 resolution, 2500:1 contrast ratio, and VGA and DVI (digital visual interface) interconnects. The 24-inch P241Wd offers 1920x1200 resolution, a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and D-Sub and interface HDMI (high-definition multimedia) inputs—for under $500.

Acer America Corporation


RenderServer DT
ArtVPS has launched RenderServer DT, a desktop solution that combines AMD dual-core processor technology and Mental Ray rendering software. RenderServer DT boasts a Web-based user interface and push-button front-panel display for fast configuration. ArtVPS’s RP-MR File Manager delivers a drag-and-drop workflow and enables users to view and manage rendering jobs from any workstation on the network. Users can connect up to three ArtVPS RayBoxes to the RenderServer DT via PCI Express. RenderServer DT ships with two 64-bit Mental Ray licenses, render management software, and a photorealistic material library.



Quad-core Boxx
Boxx Technologies, maker of computing systems for VFX professionals, has infused its Apexx 4 Super-Workstation and RenderBoxx Classic 7500 with AMD’s new Quad-Core Opteron processor. Opteron delivers twice the processing power of dual-core systems and power savings to power-hungry VFX studios. By doubling the number of processing cores, users benefit from accelerated rendering and real-time digital intermediate tasks, such as color correction and compositing with 2k resolution material. The upgraded RenderBoxx Classic 7500 offers increased floating-point power, critical for floating point-intensive computations such as raytracing. The Apexx 4 Super-Workstation and RenderBoxx Classic 7500 are now available with AMD’s Quad-Core Opteron processor.

Boxx Technologies 


Globalstor Data Corp. has introduced its ExtremeStor-iTrax server, which is equipped with a solid-state, 64-bit iSCSI and NAS operating system. The iTrax appears as a local disk drive on any computer connected to the LAN or WAN when used with Microsoft’s free downloadable Windows iSCSI initiator, or it can serve as a network-attached storage server in conjunction with iSCSI. With iSCSI initiators loaded, the iTrax provides multiple users on a network access to the consolidated, centralized, searchable data. Remote users can log in from virtually anywhere in the world using an Internet Protocol-based GUI. iTrax servers are available in a variety of configurations, ranging from an eight-drive system with RAID protection to a 36-drive version with multiple levels of RAID redundancy. ExtremeStor-iTrax is now available starting at $4995 with 1tb of usable storage.

Globalstor Data