Products - August 07
Issue: Volume: 30 Issue: 8 (Aug 2007)

Products - August 07



Streamlining Solution
     Autodsys has released AcceliCAD2CAM, a CAD platform that combines with Solustans’ LinkMotion to provide direct-to-CAM output. Using the new solution, professionals no longer need to import CAD designs into CAM software before they are sent to a machine for milling; rather, designers use the LinkMotion driver to send CAD drawings directly to a cutter. AcceliCAD2CAM supports two- or three-axis machines with step or servo motors and laser machines with step, servo, or Galvanometric motors. AcceliCAD2CAM is priced at $499.

Solid System
   AutoSolids has unveiled AutoSolids 2007 and AutoSolids Express 2007, designed to add parametric 3D solid modeling, advanced visualization, and 3D-to-2D automation capabilities to AutoCAD 2007 from Autodesk. AutoSolids features a constraint-free architecture for increased flexibility, access to the solids’ construction history, user-friendly creation and editing tools, and a QuickDraw utility for instantly creating multiview 2D geometry. AutoSolids supports AutoCAD Versions 2007 through 14.01, as well as all editions of Autodesk’s AutoCAD Mechanical and Architectural Desktop applications. AutoSolids 2007 and AutoSolids Express 2007 are priced at $495 and $295, respectively.


SmartPlant Update
  Intergraph, having rebranded its Marian materials management solutions for the plant design industry to SmartPlant Materials, has released SmartPlant 3D 2007 and SmartPlant Enterprise 2007. SmartPlant 3D provides tools for 3D plant design, including initial modeling, detail design, and design modification processes. In addition to tight integration with the SmartPlant Enterprise portfolio, SmartPlant 3D 2007 incorporates new modeling functions for power plants, pharmaceutical, and offshore projects. SmartPlant Enterprise 2007 features improved information mapping and schema editing tools, enhanced modeling capabilities, the ability to read Aveva PDMS models, increased productivity, a trimmed-down SmartPlant Basic Integrator version, and more.

Software Drivers

DirectX Drivers
  Nvidia has released WHQL-certified drivers for Microsoft DirectX 10, making the Nvidia GeForce 8-series the first DirectX 10-capable GPUs available. The ForceWare 100.65 drivers, now available for download, support the company’s GeForce 6, 7, and 8 series cards. Nvidia GeForce 8-series GPUs provide the hardware functionality defined in the Microsoft Direct3D 10 specifications and offer support for the DirectX 10 unified shader instruction set and Shader Model 4 capabilities.