Spotlight - Products - Nov07
Issue: Volume: 30 Issue: 11 (Nov. 2007)

Spotlight - Products - Nov07

HP Highlights New Workstations

HP recently unveiled new additions to its workstation lineup: the xw4550 and xw4600.

Optimized for CAD and DCC applications, the HP xw4550 is geared for entry- to mid-level 3D graphics users and can be configured with a range of processor speeds and memory configurations. Featuring a second-generation AMD Opteron 1000 series processor, the workstation takes advantage of AMD’s DirectConnect architecture, which includes an integrated memory controller and HyperTransport technology links for accelerated bandwidth.

Housed in a mini-tower, the xw4550 operates quietly within a small footprint. It supports 32- and 64-bit applications, contains six storage bays, four DMM slots, and up to 4gb of ECC memory. The xw4550 has a starting price of under $800 and is available now.

The xw4600, meanwhile, is a single-socket workstation geared for those working with professional data-intensive applications, including CAD, DCC, video editing, and more. It is based on the new Intel X38 Express chipset and the latest workstation-class dual Quad Core Intel processors. It sports dual PCIe X16 Gen2 graphics interfaces for twice the performance bandwidth on a choice of 2D or 3D graphics cards driving up to four 3D or six 2D displays. The system supports up to 8gb of memory and is Energy Star-compliant. Priced below $900, the xw4600 is available now.

AMD Offers Energy-Efficient Choices

AMD recently introduced several new energy-efficient desktop processors designed to reduce power consumption for greater performance-per-watt, offering additional choice for system builders and OEMs looking to differentiate their products and provide customers with low-noise, low-heat system designs.

Enhancements to the AMD Athlon X2 dual-core processor improve multi­tasking performance. Additionally, a variety of AMD Athlon and AMD Sempron single-core processors give energy-conscious customers multiple performance and price points.

The newest AMD energy-efficient processors are conducive to developing smaller and sleeker form factors, and can help reduce the amount of energy PCs consume. The processors range from the X2 BE-2400 (2.3ghz/45w), priced at $104, to the Sempron LE-1100 (1.9ghz/45w), priced at $37.