Volume: 30 Issue: 10 (Oct. 2007)

  • 1-Oct-2007
    Volume: 30 Issue: 10 (Oct. 2007)

Cover Story

  • Moving on up
    Moving on up

    Motion-capture technology has been on the verge of breaking into wide use for nearly 20 years. Has the time come? In part I of a two part series, we look at some non-entertainment applications of moca ...

    October 15, 2007

Editor's Note

  • Editor's note - Clone Wars
    Editor's note - Clone Wars

    For years now, digital artists have been trying to solve one of the most difficult challenges in computer graphics today: the creation and animation of realistic digital humans.

    October 15, 2007


  • Viewpoint - State-of-the-Art Compositing
    Viewpoint - State-of-the-Art Compositing

    When people ask me what I do for a living, my response varies: from the simple, “I work in the movie business,” to the more informative, “I am a visual effects artist,” to my actual job, “I am a digit ...

    October 15, 2007


  • Product News
    Product News

    If you think the workstation is some last-century relic whose fortunes in the market have long since faded, think again. As Jon Peddie Research again finds with its Second-quarter 2007 tabulations, th ...

    October 15, 2007