Volume: 29 Issue: 12 (Dec 2006)

  • 1-Dec-2006
    Volume: 29 Issue: 12 (Dec 2006)

Cover Story

  • She-Dragon

    The film Eragon has two stars: a teenaged boy named Eragon and a blue dragon named Saphira. The boy is performed by actor Edward Speleers; the dragon by visual effects studios Industrial Light & Magic ...

    December 1, 2006

Editor's Note

  • Games People Play
    Games People Play

    Several years ago, gamers created a frenzy over the second-generation consoles, camping out in store parking lots for a chance to be the first on their block to experience the new wave of computer gam ...

    December 1, 2006


  • Evolution of the 3D Industry
    Evolution of the 3D Industry

    By Bob Bennett Hundreds of companies today are offering 3D software tools and plug-ins, pre-built 3D data, and services to a growing set of 3D content creators. A global community of hundreds of thous ...

    December 1, 2006