New Products - 9/05
Issue: Volume: 28 Issue: 9 (September 2005)

New Products - 9/05


Imagineer Systems is demonstrating the latest version of its Monet and Mokey software solutions at IBC2005. Version 2 of the company’s Monet tracking and compositing tool now offers professional users in film and video postproduction the ability to export a project to Apple’s Shake compositing software. The upgrade also boasts a new Stabilize module for stabilizing elements and a new Warper for more flexible warping. Mokey Version 4 sports a new AdjustTrack module for adjusting tracking data, a new Patch module for tracking cleanplates into shots, and Conceal for hiding faces, undesired product branding, and more. Both Monet and Mokey have been upgraded with a render-to-disk option, support for the DVS Centaurus video I/O card, and improved performance with 2k and 4 k Cineon and DPX files. Being shown for the first time in its release format at IBC, Mofex is a set of plug-ins for Apple’s Shake that enable users to manipulate elements being composited, such as through the application of shadows, highlights, and tracking marker filters. Monet 2, Mokey 4, and Mofex are scheduled to begin shipping this month.
Imagineer Systems;

3D graphics

Having recently completed its acquisition of Curious Software, Vizrt is debuting the latest incarnation of its VizWeather 3D weather software at IBC2005. For the creation of weather-related graphics, VizWeather Version 1.6 is powered by Vizrt’s VizEngine 3D graphics rendering engine. VizWeather enables users to control and manipulate weather data and graphics, whether point-based symbols or high-resolution 3D animations. Weather symbols, 3D maps, radar maps, temperature, wind speeds, weather alerts, and corresponding graphic elements can be displayed automatically and in real time through the use of pre-made templates. VizWeather ships with customizable, pre-made icons and weather elements, as well as VizArtist, the company’s 3D broadcast animation and design software.


Previously only available as a plug-in to third-party software, The Foundry’s Forge has been re-engineered into a standalone application. Forge employs the company’s motion estimation and dirt-removal technologies in not only processing digital film scans, but also automatically detecting and correcting common problems, such as dust, dirt, and hair. At the show, The Foundry also is previewing its Furnace 3 collection of plug-ins for Apple’s Shake. Furnace 3 is expected to ship in December.
The Foundry;

Motion capture

Polhemeus has debuted its Liberty Latus (Large Area Tracking Untethered System), a wireless, 6 Degree-of-Freedom (6DOF) tracking system. In addition to a Windows 2000/XP user interface and Software Developers Kit (SDK), the Liberty Latus offers the ability to track up to 12 independent markers over large areas, while achieving rates up to 94 or 188 updates per second. Each two-ounce, self-contained marker contains the necessary hardware, including a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, digital signal processor electronics, and A/C magnetics. These markers are tracked by receptors, each of which provide spherical coverage with an eight-foot diameter, and require no wiring between markers.

Character Generation

Pixel Power Ltd., maker of work flow and automated graphics solutions, is debuting its Clarity 5000 and Clarity 300 high-definition platforms during IBC2005. The new Clarity 5000 character generator offers real-time 3D animation, a video and audio clip player, and multiple input 2D DVE squeezeback functionality. A single-channel, expandable character generator, the Clarity 300 provides uncompressed clip playback, two channels of 2D DVE, and SDI preview and program outputs. Its 3RU frame with a 530mm depth enable the Clarity 300 to fit in short racks in broadcast production vehicles.
Pixel Power Ltd.;


New at IBC, Zaxel System Inc. has upgraded its Zaxel Lossless Compression (ZLC) video codec to Version 2.3, in response to the growing demand for high-definition television, D-Cinema, and 2k and 4 k image editing. ZLC 2.3 is said to compress and decompress digital video with no loss of data, ensuring bit-for-bit restoration. The system performs three stages of compression and decompression, and boasts an average 2.8-to-1 lossless compression ratio. Offering real-time record and playback, ZLC 2.3 runs on Windows systems with a single CPU for serial standard definition, dual Zeon CPUs for high-definition video, and quad CPUs for 2 k and 4:4:4.
Zaxel System Inc.;

Stock Options

Artbeats, a provider of royalty-free stock footage, is showcasing its newest high-definition titles during IBC2005 in Amsterdam. These new collections are the result of Artbeats’ work over the past two years, during which time it conducted seven film shoots in 12 countries. The company’s new global HD offerings include footage of lifestyles, portraits, landmarks, religions, and crowds in Central America, the Andes, East Africa, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific. Among Artbeats’ latest titles are: People of Central America, People of the Andes, People of East Africa, The Holy Land, People of the Middle East, People of Southeast Asia, People of the South Pacific, Faces of the World 1, and Children of the World 1. Artbeats also is showing new HD adolescent lifestyles, HD aerials, and V-Line coastal collections, such as College Life, School Days, Las Vegas Aerials, Northeast City Aerials, Florida Beaches, and British Coastal Villages. For broadcast, film, commercial, video, game development, and multimedia applications, Artbeats’ footage is available in HD (1920x1080), D1 NTSC (720x486), or D1 PAL (720x576) resolutions and priced from $799 to $899 for HD titles and from $229 to $699 for standard-definition collections.