Volume: 28 Issue: 5 (May 2005)

  • 1-May-2005
    Volume: 28 Issue: 5 (May 2005)

Cover Story

  • Born to be Wild
    Born to be Wild

    If you believe the startling success of 3D animated features forevermore pushed 2D cartoon-style animation out of full-length films, you haven’t been paying attention. The ’toons have snuck back-insid ...

    May 1, 2005

Editor's Note

  • Mining for Gold
    Mining for Gold

    Most game players know that few games push the state of the art on more than one major front. But careful observers realize that a surprising number offer at least one golden idea that may be worth in ...

    May 1, 2005


  • The Avid-Pinnacle Puzzle
    The Avid-Pinnacle Puzzle

    First of all, the digital video industry doesn’t make mass-market cars or computers, but rather specialized tools for a specific craft. And more significant, digital video may be a growth industry, bu ...

    May 1, 2005