Volume: 28 Issue: 10 (October 2005)

  • 1-Oct-2005
    Volume: 28 Issue: 10 (October 2005)

Cover Story

  • The Art of the Deal
    The Art of the Deal

    Not long ago, the biggest names in video game publishing-from Electronic Arts to 2K Sports-would race frantically to ready the latest season of their officially licensed pro sports titles and compete ...

    October 1, 2005

Editor's Note

  • Caught in the Game
    Caught in the Game

    Before long, the neighbors kicked me out, and I faced a much bigger challenge-convincing my parents that we needed a Pong of our very own. The undertaking was bigger than I imagined, but eventually my ...

    October 1, 2005


  • Collada: Game On
    Collada: Game On

    Console manufacturers are at the mercy of the game development community. The success of a new console depends a great deal on the number of games available to support it at launch. If the game develo ...

    October 1, 2005

  • Digital Intermediates
    Digital Intermediates

    Plenty has been written in the past few years about digital intermediates and the DI work flow, but my first indication that this DI turtle might be hungry came when I happened upon a discussion board ...

    October 1, 2005