Volume: 27 Issue: 8 (August 2004)

  • 1-Aug-2004
    Volume: 27 Issue: 8 (August 2004)

Cover Story

  • Hot 'Bots
    Hot 'Bots

    50 years ago, Isaac Asimov's collection of nine stories about evolving generations of robots and mechanical men was published in book form as I, Robot. One of those stories, "Liar!," introduced the th ...

    August 1, 2004

Editor's Note

  • Gaming: 2010
    Gaming: 2010

    It may come as no shock to learn that video and computer gaming will continue to be the hottest market in the entertainment industry, at least for the rest of this decade. Even mainstream market resea ...

    August 1, 2004


  • The Balkanization of Animation
    The Balkanization of Animation

    The outsourcing of computer animation and game development provides an interesting lens through which to view the phenomenon. The industry is by no means immune; it is, in fact, very well suited to di ...

    August 1, 2004