Volume: 27 Issue: 5 (May 2004)

  • 1-May-2004
    Volume: 27 Issue: 5 (May 2004)

Cover Story

  • After Effects
    After Effects

    The tremendous critical and financial success of Shrek, which received the first Best Feature Animation Oscar and earned more than $480 million dollars in box-office revenues, made a sequel inevitable ...

    May 1, 2004

Editor's Note

  • Just Pretty Faces?
    Just Pretty Faces?

    Digital actors get no respect from film directors and producers. In most cases, that has been for good reason. The so-called “synthespians” that have made it to the big screen have appeared stiff and ...

    June 1, 2004


  • The HDV Revolution
    The HDV Revolution

    After all, JVC's original positioning for this new HD-on-DV format envisioned a high-definition future with consumers shooting vacations and birthday parties in HD and playing them back on JVC's plasm ...

    May 1, 2004