Volume: 27 Issue: 3 (March 2004)

  • 1-Mar-2004
    Volume: 27 Issue: 3 (March 2004)

Cover Story

  • Larger than Half-Life
    Larger than Half-Life

    Half-Life 2 's story line picks up where the original left off, with Gordon Freeman, a government scientist, once again battling aliens that are pouring through an inter-dimensional doorway that he un ...

    March 4, 2004

Editor's Note

  • All-Natural Animation
    All-Natural Animation

    For years, we’ve been waving the flag that the visualization and simulation market has been one of the most dynamic in the computer graphics industry. Now, the latest research confirms that the trend ...

    March 1, 2004


  • Market Outlook and News
    Market Outlook and News

    The 2003 US sales figures announced by the ESA and compiled by the NPD Group, a global market information company that measures product movement and consumer behavior, indicate the majority of games s ...

    March 1, 2004


  • Alternative Editing
    Alternative Editing

    However, alternatives exist. And these programs have enough happy users to make them worth considering before simply following the crowd to the most obvious offerings.

    March 1, 2004