Volume: 26 Issue: 8 (August 2003)

  • 1-Aug-2003
    Volume: 26 Issue: 8 (August 2003)

Editor's Note

  • Digital Future-Proofing
    Digital Future-Proofing

    Walk around any of our industry shows, and you’re almost certain to walk away thinking that the digital video revolution is ancient history—that virtually all visual effects artists and animators are ...

    August 1, 2003


  • The Play's the Thing, but...
    The Play's the Thing, but...

    In the 1990s, digital media convergence was the talk of the industry. Today, convergence is being used to describe the relationship between computer games and movies. The two mediums share not only an ...

    August 1, 2003

  • Video Goes Stereo
    Video Goes Stereo

    Since at least the 1950s, when studios released a blizzard of 3D movies, technologists and artists have been fascinated by the challenge of creating a compelling 3D moving picture experience—in which ...

    August 1, 2003