NAB 2003 Show Preview
Issue: Volume: 26 Issue: 4 (April 2003)

NAB 2003 Show Preview

JVC Professional Products Company has introduced what it claims is the world's first professional hand-held camcorder with full HD recording capabilities: the JY-HD10U. The 1 CCD (1.18 million pixel, 16:9) JY-HD10U is designed to make it possible for video professionals at all levels to enter the HD production market. Among other new products, JVC is also introducing the BR-DV6000, a new Professional DV editing recorder and its companion MPEG 4 network card, the SA-DV6000. Prices not available. Booth # C2050

WinLinux eyeon's Digital Fusion 4 desktop compositing application boasts command-line scripting, unlimited tracking points, new grid warping, 8- and 16-bit integer and 32-bit floating-point color processing, and RAM caching for real-time playback. A Linux version should be available this spring. Eyeon also offers DFX+, an 8-bit modular digital video solution. Prices not available. Booth #SL1413
eyeon Software;

WinLinux Softimage|XSI Version 3.0 is an integrated modeling and animation system with tools such as smart automated character rigging, non-destructive animation mixing, and WSYWIG real-time effects tools. Also available are Softimage|Behavior and other products for creating film and broadcast quality animation. Editing, post-production, and storage systems from parent company Avid complement the mix. Booth #SL300

Leitch's dpsVelocityQ multistream NLE features real-time playback of four video streams in any combination of uncompressed or compressed video; six graphics streams; and four channels of real-time 3D DVE. Highlights in V8.2 include a new interface, editing refinements, enhanced integration with Leitch VR servers, and support for new options for audio tools and OMF/AAF interoperability. Version 8.2 of Leitch's dpsVelocity dual-stream NLE features many of the same enhancements. Prices not available. Booth #SU4525

Medéa Graphics is offering several new storage products designed to support digital content creation applications: the VideoRaid RT3 disk array, designed for multi-stream SD and HD NLE systems; the VideoRaid FCR2/FCRX2 family of 2GB fibre channel disk arrays for SAN environments; and StreamRaid, a family of server storage systems with huge storage capacities for digital content delivery and bulk storage applications. Prices not available. Booth #SL1614
Medéa Graphics;

For use with After Effects and Final Cut Pro, Text Anarchy 2.0 ($159) comprises eight filters for creating text effects and animations and Anarchy Toolbox 1.0 ($159) offers eight distortion and design filters. Texture Anarchy 1.0 for Photoshop ($129) is a collection of filters for generating textures. And Primatte for Photoshop ($299) is a Photoshop version of the Primatte chromakeyer. All are from Digital Anarchy. Booth #SL2618
Digital Anarchy;

New resolution-independent products from Mathematical Technologies include Correct, Convert, Conform, and Control. Correct provides tools for image processing correction. Convert is designed for format conversion, standards conversion, down conversion, and real-time pan and scan. Conform offers tools for color, edit, and telecine best-light transfer control. And Control provides VTR emulation with clip and bin navigation. Prices not available. Booth #SL3823

WinMac Among the enhancements Ultimatte made to its AdvantEdge matte extraction tools is support for Media 100 and Incite systems. Providing a separate shadow channel, smart matte sizing, digital chroma filtering, and roto screen correction, AdvantEdge also works with NLEs from Adobe, Apple, Avid, and Discreet, among others. Price not available. Booth #C3131

WinMac Linux Version 3 of RealViz's MatchMover Professional automatic tracking software, scheduled to ship this summer, will be available in a Mac OS X version in the fall. Also new is ReTimer Professional—the next generation of RealViz's high-end retiming software—and the Mac/Windows-compatible ImageModeler 3.5 and ReTimer SD applications. Prices not available. Booth #SU5313

Cinergy integrates digital archive, asset management, tape and live ingest, logging, search and browse, editing, and playout functions. Workgroup collaboration tools, multi-format/multi-resolution conform, format-independent editing, and post-production integration also highlight this product from AIST GmbH. The company also offers Cinergy Ingest Cluster, for encoding of multi-format/multi-resolution video streams originating from SDI live or VTR video inputs; and Cinergy Transcode, for MPEG encoding. Prices not available. Booth #SU6569

Win With Kaydara Online, users can produce 3D overlays, animations, info graphics, and animated talking heads. Providing offline and online tools for 2D/3D content design, setup, and playback, the real-time product, for use in ITU-R-601 or HDTV-resolution production, is delivered on the 3DBoxx workstation and features audio and video I/O support, lip-synch tools, Flash export capability, and integration with Kaydara Motionbuilder. Price not available. Booth #SU5281

Among Chyron's plethora of graphics/broadcast offerings are Solo, Camio, and MicroScribe. A laptop CG and real-time animation system, Solo supports optional dual-channel squeezeback and comes with a PCMCIA-connected video card. Camio is a family of centralized on-air graphics solutions that are web-enabled, MOS-compliant, open standards-based, and network-ready. And the single-channel MicroScribe uses Chyron's Lyric to create and play back 2D/3D graphics and animations. MicroScribe costs less than $10,000. Prices for Solo and Camio were not available. Booth #C2074
Chyron Graphics;

WinMac Alias|Wavefront's Maya Productivity Pack comes with Maya Complete 4.5 for Mac or Windows, the Learning Maya software book and DVD series; Maya Single Incident support; and coupons for additional A|W offerings. The Pack is available as a special offer until June 20th for $2179. Maya Complete sells for $1999, and Maya Unlimited costs $6999. Room #S102

Primera Technology's Bravo Disc Publisher uses a robotic arm to automatically copy and print up to 25 CDs or DVDs per job. A CD-R version sells for $1995, while a DVD-R/CD-R version costs $2495. Booth #SL2409
Primera Technology;

Quantel offers its generationQ for D1, post, graphics, and broadcast news/live production. Post users can choose from the iQ digital intermediate system; eQ for HD editing; QEdit Pro, a mainstream editor; QEffects for network effects; and QColor, for in-context color grading. News and live production systems include the sQServer; QEdit Pro; Qcut; and QView. Comprising the generationQ for Graphics collection are the gQ graphics platform; QPaintbox Pro for SD graphics; and QPaintbox, for the PC. Prices not available. Booth #C2612

Media 100 has enhanced its 844/Xi and 844/Xe editing systems with such features as HDX Technology, for HD support; The Finishing Release Version 2.0 software for the 844/X; and XBLUR, a tool for real-time, multistream, 10-bit Gaussian blur. Prices not available. Booth #SL2856
Media 100;

With Brick House Video's new VTB-2DC broadcast-specification SDI rack-mount 1RU switcher, users can work with asynchronous sources. The eight-input switcher also includes composite input and DSK options. The company also offers the VTB-1DS portable SDI component vision switcher, the VTB-2A portable composite vision switcher, and V-Log, a time-code logger and VHS controller. Prices not available. Booth #SU5127
Brick House Video;

FilmLight's Northlight scanner is designed for digital mastering of 35- and 65mm film. Besides a temperature-compensated 8K trilinear CCD array, Northlight features a pin-registered gate design; low noise performance; and flatbed transport. FilmLight also offers Truelight, a color management system for grading and rendering digitized materials onto film, and a host of new grading and film-finishing tools. Prices not available. Booth #SL2050

Celco's Fury digital film recorder outputs one frame/second, or 60 minutes of high-resolution 35mm film/day, and supports formats and resolutions ranging from 16mm to IMAX and NSTC/PAL to HD. Look for software and hardware updates to the product at NAB. Price not available. Booth #C387

Ciprico's DiMeda 3600 Digital Media Appliance features a fiber channel back end, gigabit Ethernet transport, and an embedded software layer. Also new from Ciprico is the FibreStore 2210, a 2GB RAID product that can be used in video server play-to-air, content distribution, and asset management archiving applications. Prices not available.

Blackmagic DeckLink, Blackmagic Design's uncompressed 10-bit QuickTime video card, features 10-bit and 8-bit uncompressed video, JPEG, DV playback formats, and real-time effects. Available for $995, the product is compatible with Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Combustion, Shake, Discreet Cleaner, and DVD Studio Pro. Booth #SL1630
Blackmagic Design;

According to Matrox, its 128MB Parhelia graphics card offers a productivity boost for DV and DCC workstations through its dual-display + TV-output features, which increases desktop real estate while enabling full-screen previews of video editing, compositing, and DCC projects on a TV. The card costs $399. Booth #SL631
Matrox Graphics;

According to NaturalMotion, endorphin is the industry's first virtual mocap studio. Utilizing the company's Active Character Technology, which simulates the human body and adds AI motor control, endorphin enables users to instruct a CG character in a director-like manner and capture the resulting animations in standard mocap formats. Price not available. Booth #SL2252

New from Accom is WSD/HDi, an uncompressed HDTV recording solution. Meanwhile, Version 4.5 of the Abekas 6000 provides faster fiber channel transfer speeds, an updated Content Management panel, better network connectivity, and enhanced live sports operations. And Dimension 8.3.3 software for Abekas Affinity introduces such features as faster clip editing; an improved TrackSheet; and improved audio import and search capabilities. Prices not available. Booth #SU7325

Besides a new digital color grading system, Discreet also offers new versions of its inferno, flame, and flint visual effects systems, as well as its smoke and fire editing/finishing systems, all of which showcase the company's innovations in 2K, HDTV, and video content creation. Prices not available. Booth #SL1500

NewTek, a maker of video editing, animation, and special effects tools, is now offering Video Toaster [3], a video production suite. NewTek also makes the LightWave 3D modeling and animation software and Aura Video Paint. Prices not available. Booth# SL2844

A new product from Adobe Systems, Encore DVD authoring software lets professional videographers, DVD authors, and independent producers create multi-language DVDs with interactive menus, multiple audio tracks, and subtitle tracks. Encore DVD works with Adobe's After Effects motion graphics and effects software and Premiere digital video editing software. Price not available. Booth #SL2507
Adobe Systems;

SGI added two products to its CXFS shared file system family. Like its predecessors for the Irix, Solaris 8/9, and Windows NT/2000 platforms, the Linux 32- and 64-bit clients for SAN infrastructures enable real-time content sharing across a SAN with no loss of information. SGI also offers the TP9500 high-bandwidth storage array, and it now supports D10/IMX MPEG-2 compression, DVCPRO25 and DVCPRO50 compression, and the MXF file format in its open-architecture SGI Media Server for Broadcast solution. SGI also announced that its Data Migration Facility for hierarchical storage management supports its Altix Linux environment of servers and superclusters, which includes the new Altix 3000. Prices not available. Booth #SL3868