Volume: 26 Issue: 10 (Oct 2003)

  • 1-Oct-2003
    Volume: 26 Issue: 10 (Oct 2003)

Editor's Note

  • Diversity in Gaming
    Diversity in Gaming

    In case there was any doubt about it, a new poll from the Entertainment Software Association shows that computer gaming is not just for the boy next store anymore. In fact, the survey reveals that com ...

    October 1, 2003


  • Offshore 3D
    Offshore 3D

    Something in the latest TrendWatch report caught my eye recently, reminding me that only a few months ago in this column Phil Vischer, founder of Big Idea, which was acquired by Classic Media LLC, pre ...

    October 1, 2003

  • Vertical Editing
    Vertical Editing

    In the late '90s, things were going well for Media 100. Along with Avid and Adobe, it was one of the most dominant players in the nonlinear editing market. Sales were strong, and the market was hot. B ...

    October 1, 2003