Products - 11/02
Issue: Volume: 25 Issue: 11 (November 2002)

Products - 11/02

Upgraded WorldBuilder Rendering
Win A free upgrade for Digital Element's WorldBuilder 3D modeling and rendering software is now available. Featuring a re-architecture of some key rendering systems, along with A-buffering, the upgrade makes WorldBuilder 3.2 more fully optimized for high-definition renders. The company also has released Aurora Sky 1.0 for Adobe After Effects, which includes clouds, sun and star effects, and haze effects. Digital Element offers a similar product for Photoshop users. Base prices not available.
Digital Element;

Easy suite
Mac eZediaMX is a cross-platform media integration and editing program that can be used to compile storyboards as well as create digital portfolios, multimedia presentations, animations, and interactive CD-ROM projects. Available from eZedia, the product joins the company's other offerings, which include eZeMatte and eZeScreen, the first in a series of plug-ins for Apple iMovie that enable users to add borders, frames, themes, talking heads, and QuickTime-supported movies to an iMovie clip; and eZediaQTI, a cross-platform QuickTime authoring and animation environment for creating interactive Internet content and interactive videos. Prices not available.

Wireless mocap glove
A data glove optimized for use in motion capture and puppeteering applications, the 5DT Mocap Glove from Fifth Dimension Technologies features two sensors per finger for flexure measurement and a sensor between fingers to measure abduction between the fingers. The glove communicates with the host computer via a wireless radio frequency link. Its wireless design allows up to eight gloves to operate simultaneously in the same radio frequency region. The glove should be available Q4 2002. Price not available.
Fifth Dimension Technologies;

Comdex, held in Las Vegas.
Contact: Key3 Media Group,
IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)
2002 Convention and Trade Show, held in Orlando, FL.
Contact: IAAPA,

DV Expo West, held in Los Angeles. Contact: DV Expo Show Management,

Macworld Conference and Exhibition, held in San Francisco.
Contact: IDG.World Expo;