Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 1 (January 2001)

Stereo for the Masses

The new product, StereoEyes, consists of four components: eyewear, a connector, an infrared emitter, and software drivers. The eyewear is a pair of lightweight wireless stereoscopic visualization glasses with shuttering liquid crystal lenses. The Stereo Enabler connector and infrared emitter deliver the stereo sync signal to the eyewear, with the StereoEnabler acting as a pass-through VGA connector for the monitor and outputting the signal to the emitter, which in turn sends the stereo sync signal to the eyewear.

The system also includes drivers that allow full stereo viewing of nonstereo OpenGL applications running on Windows 98 machines equipped with nonstereo graphics cards.

Applications running on Windows NT/2000 and Linux operating systems must be stereo-enabled and will require a stereo-ready graphics card. Examples of applications enabled for StereoGraphics' Stereo 3D technology include Catia, SolidEdge, Muse2000, and more than 50 others. StereoEyes costs $299.(StereoGraphics; -JD