Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 6 (June 2000)

SPOTLIGHT: Intergraph Launches SmartPlant Review

Although SmartPlant Review is a new product, it has been dubbed Version 4.0 because it consolidates and replaces the company's DesignReview 3.7 and SmartPlant Viewer 2.1 products. SmartPlant Review consists of a main application and five add-on modules. The main application allows for navigation, annotation, queries, object and data linking, measurements, and high-resolution output with anti-aliasing.

The five modules include construction (with collision detection) and schedule review; simulation and visual effects, which enables the creation of animations and presentations; photorealistic rendering, with a material editor for attaching real-world colors and textures to a model; an API module with programming libraries and documentation for developers; and a large-scale collaborative review unit that is scheduled for availability next month. Future additions to the SmartPlant Review suite will include a service pack for Microsoft Windows 98 compatibility and enhancements to the photorealism module, including raytracing and lighting.

SmartPlant Review costs $9000 for the entire suite, or $5000 for the main module and $1500 apiece for each of the additional five modules. It requires 64mb of RAM and at least 28mb of disk space for installation. The software runs on NT 4.0. (Intergraph; Hunts ville, AL; 800-260-0246; -Jenny Donelan