Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 4 (April 2000)

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Win/Irix Designed for the production of virtual backgrounds and motion graphics for daily news, sports, and series programming, Kaydara's (Booth #M9868) Filmbox is an on-air, real-time 3D broadcast system with an advanced suite of motion capture, animation, and interactive rendering tools. Including both off-line and on-line tools for design, setup, and playback of 3D and 2D content, the product can be used for ITU-R-601 or HDTV-resolution production. Filmbox provides integration with 3D packages, including Alias|Wavefront's Power Animator and Maya, Discreet's 3D Studio Max, NewTek's LightWave, and Softimage 3D. (Montreal; 514-842-8446;

Win/Mac MatchMover camera tracking software from RealViz (Booth #S5770) enables animation and special effects personnel to create high-quality image sequences of mixed live-action footage and computer-generated 3D animation. The price is $6000. The company's ReTimer is a tool that enables users to change the motion speed or length of image sequences in post-production. It costs $2000. ImageModeler is a high-end photo-modeling application that produces realistic 3D models from photo, video, or cinematic images. It costs $5000. Finally, Stitcher provides professional-quality mosaic composites. The price is $2000. (Los Angeles; 310-312-4805;

Win/Mac Create basic rolls, animated kerning with blurs, advanced character-based animation, and 3D extrusion with Version 1.0 of Boris Graffiti from Boris FX (Booth #M7445). This resolution-independent vector-based title animation plug-in application comes with a number of text effects, including particles, lighting, and Z space for intersecting text tracks in 3D space. (Boston; 617-451-9900;

Win vTracker software from Famous Technologies (Booth #S5553) converts camcorder data into a facial motion-capture system. Along with the FamousFaces 3D facial animation and motion-capture technology, the products are designed to simplify facial animation workflow for a variety of industries, from gaming and on-line content creation to movie and broadcast production. (San Francisco; 415-835-9445;

Win/Mac The Artbeats Digital Film Library (Booth #M8354) now includes the following high-definition products: Reelfire HD, ReelExplosions HD, Digital Aire HD, and Sky Effects HD. ReelFire HD, ReelExplosions HD, and Sky Effects HD contain 35mm film footage digitally scanned at 2K files and then cropped to 1920x1080 pixels. Digital Aire HD contains 3D computer-generated animated backgrounds rendered at 1920x1080 pixels. The footage is offered as QuickTime files on multiple CD-ROMs with JPEG compression at a high-quality setting. The price is $899 each. (Myrtle Creek, OR; 541-863-4429;

Win/Unix FibreNet 2.7 storage-area networking software from Transoft Networks/HewlettPackard (Booth #M9864) provides swift data transfers in all areas of digital content creation, allowing simultaneous access to the same media files from multiple editing stations. System pricing varies according to the demand of the network. (Santa Barbara, CA; 805-897-3350;

Win/Mac From Terran Interactive (Booth #M9827), Media Cleaner Pro enables developers to create high-quality video, audio, and still images for delivery on the Web, broadband networks, CD-ROM, DVD, kiosk, and multimedia presentations. The product supports simultaneous output to all of the streaming media formats. The price is $499. The company's Media Cleaner Compression Suite includes tools for preparing video and audio for the Web, broadband networks, and more. The suite includes Media Cleaner Pro 4, Sorenson Video 2 Developer Editing, Qdesign Music Codec 2 Professional Edition and the "How to Produce High-Quality QuickTime" booklet.
The price is $1299. (Los Gatos, CA; 408-356-7373;

Win/Mac From Media 100 (Booth #L6857) comes the iFinish streaming media production system, which features a set of editing and effects tools and supports input from virtually any video device or graphics application. Users can create high-quality video and audio content and support all streaming media formats, including RealSystem G2, QuickTime 4, and Windows Media. The product also enables creation of MPEG2 files for DVD authoring. The price ranges from $2995 to $14,995, depending on model and configuration. The company also offers Media 100 Version 6.0, which has new editorial features, streamlined compositing, and integration with Media Cleaner for increased productivity. The price ranges from $3495 to $17,995. (Marlboro, MA; 508-460-1600;

Win/Mac Commotion 2.2 from Puffin Designs (Booth #S3274) is a visual effects package for professionals working in video, film, and digital content creation. Included are tools for image editing and manipulation and pixel cloning between frames and clips. The price is $1995. Other products include Commotion DV ($795), Composite Wizard ($695), Image Lounge ($695), Primatte Keyer ($695), and Knoll Light Factory ($695). (Sausalito, CA; 415-331-4560;

Win With the Foley Studio Max plug-in from Digimation (Booth #S5512), 3D Studio Max users can add WAV files that interact with scenes in 3D space. In addition to sound effects, users can add 3D positioning, Doppler shift, distance fade, directional sound sources, and echo; render audio based on the camera viewports; trigger sound effects based on collision events; assign audio effects to particle systems; obtain unlimited looping and randomization of sound effects; and access more than 800 professionally recorded sound effects. The price is $395. (St. Rose, LA; 504-468-7898;

Win New from Digital Processing Systems (Booth #LVC9383), dpsVelocity 7.5 features MPEG2 and Web-streaming capabilities as well as a number of enhanced editing features. Pricing ranges from $2999 to $5999 for hardware and software. Turnkey systems are priced from $12,999 to $15,999. The company's dspReality Version 2.0 is intended for animators, compositors, and special effects artists. This version offers more powerful editing functions, networked virtual file system, and support for multiple real-time Web streaming output formats such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and RealVideo.
The price is $2499 for hardware and software. (Markham, Ontario; 905-944-4000;

Win/Mac/Unix The latest version of ShadeTree from Cinema Graphics (Booth #L9774) delivers an interactive authoring tool that enables non-programmers to create and edit shaders for RenderMan or MentalRay rendering software. Through the product's visual environment, users can avoid dealing with difficult programming language to make shaders. This version supports Houdini as well as the Linux operating system. (Chatsworth, CA; 818-718-6320;

Win/Mac "You Can Do It Too" (YCDIT) powered by mission:Dynamic Media, from Intelligent Media (Booth #M9919), provides cross-application workflow coaching to the digital media creator. (Canoga Park, CA; 818-615-1700;

Win The Vuser Suite from (Booth #M9778) is a live production system that enables the real-time production of a Web cast, similar to the way television produces a live event. The suite consists of the following elements: Live, which allows the real-time integration of text, graphics, hyperlinks, database information, e-commerce and more into a single Web cast production; Gate, which allows bandwidth control to help maintain a fluid experience; and Arrow, targeting control to provide a single interface within which all content will be delivered. (Oklahoma City; 405-834-6619;

Win/Mac/Unix Featuring from 20 to 200 simultaneous video data streams, each ImOn.comTV package from ImaginOn Inc. (Booth #L12570/M9474) is a turnkey software system that enables any Web site, including broadcaster and content owners' sites, to present interactive television within a standard browser of any suitably connected computer. The built-in private labeled Virtual TV Console offers users video-on-demand, viewer-directed video branching, automated Web searching, and many additional features customized for each licensee. Standard Package configurations do not include servers. Optionally, servers may be included in the packages with prices ranging from $35,000 to $84,000. (San Carlos, CA; 650-596-9300; )

Win All four modules of ImageMine from Imagine Products (Booth #L8943) have been upgraded. These include the ImageLibrary relational database engine, ImageLog workstation logging software, ImageBrowse LAN search module, and ImageTrack physical tracking and label module. The integrated modules coordinate all activities related to the media asset archive, including logging and cataloging, searching, browsing, and tracking functions. (Carmel, IN; 317-843-0706;

Win/Mac New from Digital Juice (Booth #M7664), Jump Backs is a three-volume set of original and unique moving backgrounds. Each volume contains 40 broadcast-quality animations on five CDs, a printed catalog, and a video index. Each animated background lasts 10 to 30 seconds and is scalable to work with any NLE system. Virtually all are seamless and loopable. Each volume costs $249. (Ocala, FL; 352-369-0930; )

Win/Unix New from Peak Broadcast Systems (Booth #S6569) are the PilotTicker, which provides direct display of financial, sports, and other data to multi-line crawl video displays; Everest NT, the NT version of the company's real-time 3D rendering software which is available as a full playback or render-only system; and GeoNews, a high-resolution global database for map generation that supports multiple data resolutions and 3D file export to Everest software. (New York, NY; 212-453-4893;

Win United Media Inc.'s (Booth #L9731) On-Line Express DTV video editing software delivers realtime MPEG-2 and native DV editing with support of Matrox DigiSuite DTV hardware. The product features hundreds of realtime video transitions, 2D and 3D effects, chroma and luma keys, motion effects, realtime audio, and realtime graphics capabilities. An optional Jog Shuttle Knob enables users to directly control various professional input devices for digitizing. The price is $2995. The optional Jog Shuttle Knob costs $1000. (Anaheim, CA; 714-777-4510;


Win The AirSpace NewsPlayer video servers from Pluto (Booth #L1516) work in real-world news environments with Avid NewsCutter NT nonlinear editors. The product delivers two playout channels supporting the A/B requirements in news productions. The two channels can be configured for a single play-to-air channel with a quality-control output assuring content integrity before airing. The server products also include the company's SpaceNet video area network system with built-in networking facilities for connecting to the NewsCutter NT. The entry price is $54,990. (Boulder, CO; 303-402-9000;

Win/Mac Designed for top video and broadcast professionals, the Scan Do Pro II computer-to-video scan converter from Communications Specialists (Booth #M8968) features timeable genlock, component output (YUV and RGB formats), a switchable vertical filter, and optional SMPTE 259-M serial digital output. True multi-scanning with support for resolutions up to 1280x1024 (at 60Hz) ensures that the product will work with virtually any computer. A three-line flicker-reduction filter projects sharp, stable images and multi-level input zoom processing enhances resolution. (Hauppauge, NY; 631-273-0404;

Win/Mac The Smart Cut 2 video scaler and compute seamless switcher from Analog Way (Booth #M10171) combines the functions of an advanced video scaler with a five-video and two-computer-input seamless switcher. It also provides switchable stereo audio on each of the seven inputs. The company also offers the Graphic Switcher with six inputs, which cuts, fades, and mixes instantaneously between six high-resolution sources, and the Studio Scan XTD 820R, a high-resolution computer and workstation-to-video scan converter with genlock. (New York City; 212-269-1902;

Win/Mac/Unix For digital media applications, the SLPRO12-FC/FC-FT from Hammer Storage (Booth #S3431) is a fault-tolerant, 19-inch rack mountable, desktop or tower Fibre Channel storage subsystem. Supporting 12 FCAL disk drives per enclosure, the system has a storage capacity of 600GB per enclosure, expandable to 25TB. The product includes the JackHammer host bus adapter and a Fibre Channel-to-Fibre Channel RAID controller. The price ranges from about $42,000 for a 500GB system to about $75,000 for a 1000GB system. (Newark, CA; 510-608-4000;

Win/Mac/Unix The evolution 5000 broadcast product range from Tandberg Television (Booth #S4168) enables content providers and broadcasters to take a total end-to-end approach or to pick and choose open, interoperable products from the company's range of encoders, multiplexers, modulators, receivers/decoders, and control software. The company also offers the E5500 Digital Satellite News Gathering Encoder, designed to provides the functionality required for a multitude of outside broadcast applications. (Oslo, Norway; 949-725-2548;

Win/Mac FireWired from Wired Inc. (Booth #M10424) is an external converter box that enables users to convert analog video to DV, or DV to analog. Analog sources, such as Betacam, VHS, or Hi8 tapes, can be transferred to DV for archiving and editing. Video fed into FireWired is converted to DV in real time and sent to the computer via FireWire (IEEE 1394). Pricing is not available. The company's MediaPress product combines digital video technology to capture and compress video and audio signals into fully compatible MPEG1 or MPEG2 bitstreams for media network transmissions and DVD authoring. The price is $2499. (Mountain View, CA; 408-855-9350;

Win/Mac The MagniCoder Pro MCP-2450 Series of VGA-to-video scan converters and the SDM 560 Serial Digital Signal Monitoring system are the latest offerings from Magni Systems Inc. (Booth #L9361). The MCP-2450 introduces the company's first, rack-wide unit for professional VGA-to-video conversion applications. Front-panel control provides quick memory setup and ease of use. Capabilities include key, cut, fade, freeze, pan, and zoom, and scaling of the video window. The price starts at $2995. The SDM 560 offers day-to-day monitoring (including remote monitoring) or Serial Digital 601 and Composite signals displayed on a Composite or SDI video monitor, for tracking and measuring SDI, Composite, and S-Video signals. The price starts at $6500. (Hillsboro, OR; 800-237-5964;

Win/Mac/Unix The Vicon 8 optical motion-capture system from Vicon Motion Systems (Booth #M9949) was developed specifically for the animation market. It comprises hardware, software, and support and can handle 24 cameras and capture for up to 24 hours. The Vicon 8Rt produces accurate optical motion capture in real-time. System price varies according to configuration. (Tustin, CA; 714-259-1232;

Win/Mac/Unix The Imager XE digital film scanner from Imagica (Booth #L12371) is three times faster than its predecessor and is pin-registered. When used in conjunction with the Arrilaser film recorder, the two illustrate a complete scanning/recording system for visual effects professionals. (Los Angeles; 310-306-4180;

Mac Digital Voodoo's (Booth #M10335) D1 Desktop 64 provides powerful features for uncompressed editing with Apple's Final Cut Pro, design with Adobe Systems' After Effects, and broadcast paint with Adobe Photoshop. (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; +61 417 548 692;

Win/Mac/Unix Designed for large-scale staging events and multimedia presentations, the SynchroMaster 450 from RGB Spectrum (Booth #M7967) enables users to switch seamlessly between multiple video and computer signals, with clean cuts, dissolves, and wipes. It includes an internal video scaler. The price is $14,495. The QuadView multi-input, windowing display processors enable users to display multiple signals on a single monitor or projector. The product accepts four signals from a range of computer and/or video sources. Inputs can be displayed in quadrants or full screen. The price starts at $7995. (Alameda, CA; 510-814-7000;

Win/Mac/Unix Ikegami's (Booth #L11831) HDK-790D studio/field and HDK-79D portable companion cameras enable users to deliver any of the leading HDTV formats directly from one camera system with no external converters. This is made practical by 2.2-million-pixel 2/3-inch CCDs that provide selectable native-interlace and native-progressive read out modes. An NTSC signal is always available from the CCU for simulcast or dedicated applications. Independent adjustment of colorimetry and detail are provided in the HDTV and NTSC signal paths. (Maywood, NJ; 201-368-9171)

Win/Mac/Unix The Digi Power 10 (HA10x5) portable broadcast HDTV lens from Fujinon (Booth #L12918) is intended for applications requiring a compact wide-angle lens. The Digi Power 20 (HA20x7.8) is a lightweight HDTV lens that offers 20X magnification and a 7.8mm focal length at the wide end. The zoom, focus, and iris servo controls are fully digitized on each lens to provide more functions and a high degree of accuracy. A push of the C/Z (Cruise Zoom) switch while zooming will fix the zooming speed at the existing rate. (Wayne, NJ; 800-553-6611;