Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 12 (December 2000)

Merlin 3D Offers Speedy Modeling for Pentium III

Merlin 3D features a real-time engine that has been optimized for the Pentium III, and will, according to the company, offer speedy performance-even for textured scenes-on that platform. The product's modeling capabilities include a variety of 2D and 3D primitives, object deformation, real-time lighting, surface patches, and Boolean functions that allow a user to create a new object by adding, subtracting, or intersecting two objects to produce a new object. Merlin 3D offers subdivision surface modeling, but does not at this time include NURBs capability.

Merlin 3D runs on a Pentium I, II, or III (Pentium III highly recommended) or compatible machine running Windows 95/98/2000 with a recommended 64mb of RAM and 500mb of hard disk space. Merlin 3D is also being marketed in conjunction with the Nav3D motion controller from Logicad3D, with both tools optimized for each other. The cost of Merlin 3D with the Nav3D is $795. (Digital Immersion; Sudbury, Ontario, Canada; 705-522-7991; -JD