Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 10 (October 2000)

Products - 10/00


Win The Parametric Pro Version 7 from T-Flex is a parametric MCAD product with enhanced solid modeling features, including the new "Sketch-to-Solid" methodology. The software will also convert parametric or imported 2D to 3D, create 3D from primitives using Boolean operations, and create 3D assemblies from 3D components. It uses a variety of import and export formats. The price is unavailable. (Eugene, OR; 800-835-3997;

Win/Unix/Solaris CAT/DADS Version 9.5.1 from LMS is software that integrates with Catia for dynamic motion simulation, allowing the creation of functional virtual prototypes for makers of aircraft, automobiles, and other products. The program automatically plots simulation results such as loads, positions, velocities, and accelerations for all parts in an assembly. It also animates 3D system motion. The price is unavailable. (Troy, MI; 248-952-5664;

Win/Unix CADverter Version 4 from Theorem Solutions offers a range of data conversion solutions for CAD and includes CADviewer, allowing files to be viewed before dispatch. It includes bi-directional converters for Unigraphics 16, I-deas Master Series, CADDS, and Catia. The price is unavailable. (Loveland, OH; 513-576-1100;

Win The ST-Viewer Version 3 from STEP Tools allows users to view, analyze, and debug STEP product data at a facility on over the Web. It integrates with CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM systems, part libraries, and databases. It supports color and will carry forth color from CAD models. Lighting, textures, materials, and surface properties can also be added. The price is $290. (Troy, NY; 518-687-2848;

Win The 3D design system Inventor Release 3 from Autodesk includes an Exchange Editor to modify imported 3D solid models. A major new feature is an assembly capacity of 13,000 parts, up from 10,000 in Release 2. It also has a new assembly sectioning tool and assembly motion tool and enhancements to its drawing abilities. The price is unavailable. (San Rafael, CA; 800-964-6432;


Win The Catalyst Game Development Kit Version 1.0 from Improv Technologies is an object management and data compositing engine that works within Alias|Wavefront's Maya (additional programs are to be added later). It includes component-based animation, a complete 3D game engine, modular architecture, and cross-platform development. Animation elements can be dynamically blended and layered to create an infinite variety of complex animations. The price is unavailable. (New York, NY; 212-725-4950;


Win/Mac A clip-art library from Imagetects includes 97 photorealistic images of popular indoor tropical plants such as palms, bromeliads, ficus, philodendron, dracaena, ferns, and succulents. Also included on the disk are 28 planters and 10 soil textures. Each image is placed against a transparent black background and includes an alpha channel mask clipping path for import into any graphics program. The price is free. (Saratoga, CA; 408-252-5487;


Win/Unix ImageModeler Version 2.0 from RealViz is an image-based modeling application that allows the user to select a number of points on a series of still photographs, then extracts 3D data to build models. It includes automatic helper correlation and texture blending. The price is $5000. (Los Angeles; 310-312-4805;

Win/Mac Swift 3D Version 1.0 from Electric Rain adds a Macintosh version to its 3D vector graphics tool. The file and model converter allows designers to create 3D content for use with vector authoring tools such as Macromedia Flash and Adobe LiveMotion. Images can be created from fonts or basic 3D primitives or imported from other applications. Users can control extrusion, rotation, coloring, and animation. The price is $139. (Boulder, CO; 888-613-1500;

Win The beta version of Drama from Reflex Systems allows the 3D modeling, animating, and rendering of realistic human characters. An internal musculo-skeleton generation engine builds successive layers of graphical human tissues. It uses a set of dynamic modeling operations to customize traits like muscles, skin texture, and hair. The character can be animated and rendered with the company's animation tools. The price is unavailable.(Montreal, Quebec, Canada; 514-985-0695;

Win/Unix ShadeTree Version 1.4 from Cinema Graphics integrates VEX shading language into an interactive authoring tool that allows users to create and edit shaders from RenderMan and Vmantra. It contains more than 100 pre-built example shaders and more than 50 regular and random pattern generators to add fine detail to surfaces without having to build complex models. The price is unavailable. (Chatsworth, CA; 818-716-6320;

Win/Unix/Linux alterEGO from face2face is designed for the automated lip synchronization and facial animation of characters within television and film production, electronic games, and advanced Internet animation applications. It allows users to create multi-lingual versions of animated programs, and to master facial animation once and then deliver it to multiple media. The price is unavailable. (Summit, NJ; 908-598-1900;


Win Orchestrate3D Version 1.0 from Improv Technologies is a nonlinear production system for creating and managing 3D animation. It allows production teams to manage projects and includes a module enabling animators to layer and blend keyframe, expression-based, or motion-capture animation sequences. The price is unavailable. (New York; 212-725-4590;

Win PG Studio from Pepper's Ghost Productions is a production management system that tracks script, storyboard, and technical information and allows a production team to build a list of required assets and tasks. Aspects of the project can be changed or reallocated without having to reset or reprogram the overall production. Information includes script breakdown, project resources, schedules, and budget. The price is unavailable. (London, UK; 44 (0)208 546 4900;


Win/Mac/Unix/Linux VIP1.3 from Research Systems allows users to create, modify, and run graphics-intensive programs without writing code. New features include code generation and enhanced node capabilities, additional object nodes, and features such as snap-to-grid and directional indicators. It allows users to extend any application written in IDL. The price is unavailable. (Boulder, Co; 303-786-9900;


Win Prodigy from Stratasys is an office modeling system for the rapid prototyping industry. Based on Fused Deposition Modeling, the system has an X-Y-Z motion control and is driven by Catalyst front-end processing software. A drag-and-drop interface brings STL files into the program for automatic processing. It measures 34 x 27 x 41 in. with a build envelope of 8 x 8 x 12 in. and weighs 282 lbs. The price is unavailable. (Eden Prairie, MN; 952-937-3000;

Win/Unix ErgoPoint 3D from Fujitsu Takamisawa America is a sensor-based input device and motion controller for the desktop, for 3D control in digital and physical environments. It allows manipulation of up to four independent 3D points or states in six degrees of freedom. It is compatible with 3D CAD, rendering, and virtual reality software and connects via a 9-pin serial port. The price is unavailable. (Sunnyvale, CA; 800-380-0059;

Win/Unix DeltaSphere-3000 Laser 3D Scene Digitizer from 3rdTech is a laser scanner that produces panoramic 3D point sets over large spaces to produce detailed models of large 3D scenes and objects. It can combine captured 3D data with color information for rendering from multiple viewpoints, and can scan 150 elevation and 360 azimuth over a range of 1 to 40 feet in 10 to 30 minutes, capturing 1 million to 50 million 3D points. The price is $45,000. (Chapel Hill, NC; 919-929-1903;

Win/Mac The PL500 from Wacom Technology Corp. is a pressure-sensitive LCD pen-tablet system with a 15-inch active matrix color TFT screen display with 1024 by 768 pixel resolution. It has 24-bit (16 million colors) color depth and a resolution of 1016 lines per inch. The active area is 11. 8.9 inches. It measures 16.3 by 14.2 by 2 inches and is bundled with a multimedia presentation tool, Upresent. The price is $3999. (Vancouver, WA; 360-896-9833;


Mac Four new iMacs from Apple include a new optical mouse and small-footprint keyboard, with processors running at up to 500MHz and storage up to 30GB. Depending on model, the computers include features such as iMovie desktop video editing, FireWire, or a DVD drive. Colors are indigo, ruby, sage, and snow. Price ranges from $799 to $1499. (Cupertino, CA; 408-996-1010;

Win/Linux RenderBOXX 5000 from BOXX Technologies is a dedicated rendering system with single or dual Pentium III Coppermine processors up to 1GHz. The 1U rackmount system is available in configurations from one node to hundreds of nodes and provides rendering for HD, film and video, digital content creation, game development, and 3D design. It is available in tower configurations with up to 80 CPUs per six-foot cabinet. (Austin, TX; 877-877-2699;