VIDEO: <i>Oppenheimer</i> VFX Supervisor Giacomo Mineo—VIEW Conference Interview
April 19, 2024

VIDEO: Oppenheimer VFX Supervisor Giacomo Mineo—VIEW Conference Interview

VFX Supervisor Giacomo Mineo (Oppenheimer) chats with CGW Managing Editor Kendra Ruczak about DNEG's work on Christopher Nolan's acclaimed new film, explaining how the team crafted stunning visual effects from a library of more than 400 practically shot elements. 
Mineo also reflects on how he launched his career and shares the advice he wished he had known when he first started out.

Shot on location at VIEW Conference 2023 in Turin, Italy. Registration for the 2024 conference is now open:

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Video production by Danial J. Smith of Ravensview Films:
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