Wacom One product family receives CGW Silver Edge Award at SIGGRAPH 2023
August 29, 2023

Wacom One product family receives CGW Silver Edge Award at SIGGRAPH 2023

CGW has officially announced the Wacom One product family as a recipient of a CGW Silver Edge Award for SIGGRAPH 2023. Selected by CGW's editorial team, the Silver Edge Awards recognize the most innovative and impressive technologies announced or on display at the annual conference. 
Out of the many exhibitors participating in SIGGRAPH’s 50th annual conference this year, CGW selected 10 companies for their outstanding technological achievements. These best-of-show selections demonstrate remarkable advancements in the field of computer graphics. 

About the Wacom One Product Family

Wacom recently announced the launch of its new Wacom One product line, consisting of two creative pen displays and two pen tablets with extensive software offers and in-depth tutorials. Highlights include a customizable pen available in seven color combinations, and the first pen display in this category to feature multi-touch. 

The Wacom One 12 and One 13 touch pen displays have 11.6” and 13.3” glass screens respectively and feature a 1920x1080 full HD resolution with 99% sRGB and low parallax through the optical bonding of the displays for more control and precision. The Wacom One 13 touch is the first pen display in the compact entry level category to feature 10 finger multi-touch gestures, offering users a whole new dimension of intuitive use and interaction. 

The Wacom One S and M are the first entry level pen tablets with 4K pressure sensitivity that support tilt for calligraphy effects. The customizable pen features two side switches for increased productivity and is available in various color options. The shared Wacom UD pen technology allows seamless use of the same pen throughout the series while securing compatibility with Wacom enabled pens from renowned stationery brands including Staedtler, LAMY, Kaweco, and Dr. Grip to reflect personal preference—an industry first in the pen tablet segment. 

The Wacom One pen tablets and displays are highly versatile and can be used with Windows, macOS, Android, and ChromeOS. The added Bluetooth connectivity for the Wacom One S and M tablets plus the slim design (just 11.5 mm thick displays and 7.9mm thick tablets), lightweight, and compact footprint of all four devices make the entire Wacom One series a highly mobile and portable solution. 

More about Wacom: wacom.com