Virtual Studio by Vu receives CGW Silver Edge Award (NAB 2023)
May 10, 2023

Virtual Studio by Vu receives CGW Silver Edge Award (NAB 2023)

CGW has officially announced 's Virtual Studio by Vū as a recipient of the CGW Silver Edge Award (NAB 2023). 
Selected by CGW's editorial team, the annual Silver Edge Awards recognize the most innovative and impressive technologies on display at the NAB Show. These best-of-show selections demonstrate remarkable advancements in the field of computer graphics.

About Virtual Studio by Vū

Vū has announced a new, comprehensive suite of generative virtual production software applications designed to catapult studios and filmmakers into a new era of immersive storytelling, creative visualization and production for the virtual world. 

During NAB 2023, Vū unveiled Virtual Studio by Vū, an expansive, integrated virtual production software platform featuring tools like Cuebric, SHOWRUNNER, Scene Forge, RemoteVP and others, all powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Through a combination of strategic partnerships, as well as its own internal software development teams, Virtual Studio by Vū is an integrated virtual production platform that delivers an interoperable set of creative and collaborative tools for virtual production’s most critical requirements. 

Designed to increase the efficiency of virtual production workflows, Virtual Studio by Vū includes applications such as virtual environment generation, project management, remote collaboration, access to vast libraries of pre-built virtual environments, full studio recording capabilities, all of which leverage a groundbreaking Generative AI Orchestrator throughout the platform.

With a network of 20+ virtual production stages across North America and the UK, Vū has designed a number of workflow tools for its network operators over the last few years. Designed for filmmakers and creatives who want to harness the power of virtual production, Virtual Studio by Vū offers a suite of generative tools with a wide range of features and services for creating high-quality virtual content efficiently and affordably.

Vū has partnered with virtual production and filmmaking technology innovators, such as Cuebric virtual environment generator, and SHOWRUNNER remote studio operation tools, and Vu’s recently acquired previsualization software, SceneForge.

Virtual Studio by Vū is the platform that serves as the control center for all Vū and third-party developed applications. It includes such features as user accounts and profiles, contact lists, and subscription options, and sophisticated studio management tools.

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