Shutterstock’s Generative AI 3D Scene Background Tool receives CGW Silver Edge Award at SIGGRAPH 2023
August 29, 2023

Shutterstock’s Generative AI 3D Scene Background Tool receives CGW Silver Edge Award at SIGGRAPH 2023

CGW has officially announced Shutterstock’s Generative AI 3D Scene Background Tool as a recipient of a CGW Silver Edge Award for SIGGRAPH 2023. Selected by CGW's editorial team, the Silver Edge Awards recognize the most innovative and impressive technologies announced or on display at the annual conference.

Out of the many exhibitors participating in SIGGRAPH’s 50th annual conference this year, CGW selected 10 companies for their outstanding technological achievements. These best-of-show selections demonstrate remarkable advancements in the field of computer graphics. 

About Shutterstock’s Generative AI 3D Scene Background Tool

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced an expanded collaboration with Shutterstock during his SIGGRAPH 2023 keynote address. Shutterstock’s generative AI scene background tool is now integrated into NVIDIA Picasso, a cloud-based foundry for the development of generative AI models. The tool allows creators to quickly create and customize 3D scene backgrounds, empowering the next generation of digital content-creation tools and accelerating the model generation workflow.
Trained on TurboSquid models, Shutterstock’s cutting-edge tool allows artists to enhance and light 3D scenes based on simple text or reference image prompts. This generates AI models built with fully licensed, rights-reserved data. Using these prompts, the new feature quickly generates custom 360-degree, 8K-resolution, high-dynamic-range imaging (HDRi) environment maps. Artists can then customize the maps, iterate on ideas, set backgrounds, and light scenes.

Artists have previously needed to either purchase expensive 360-degree cameras to create backgrounds and environment maps from scratch or select fixed options that may not precisely match their 3D scenes. Now they can simply provide a text or image prompt into Picasso, and Shutterstock’s generative AI tools will generate customized panoramic images to achieve their desired visions.

“We’re committed to hyper-enabling 3D artists and collaborators—helping them build the immersive environments they envision faster than ever before and streamlining their content-creation workflows using NVIDIA Picasso,” stated Dade Orgeron, vice president of 3D innovation at Shutterstock.

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