Platige Image unleashes spectacular Pokémon commercial spot
July 28, 2023

Platige Image unleashes spectacular Pokémon commercial spot

For nearly three decades, Pokémon have captured the hearts of fans across the globe, solidifying their status as an enduring cultural phenomenon. Conceived by Satoshi Tajiri, an entomology enthusiast who transformed his passion for insects into a groundbreaking venture in the realm of gaming, these imaginative creatures are now making a triumphant return.
Etched in the collective memory of global enthusiasts for years, Pokémon are donning a fresh and captivating façade in a new spot created in collaboration with Platige Image, a visionary Polish post-production studio. Entitled "There's a Collection in Everyone," the commercial encapsulates the thrill of collecting and trading cards. Masterful VFX infuse the visuals with an enchanting aura of pure magic.

The studio took charge of meticulously orchestrating the shooting set for seamless CG integration, crafting awe-inspiring VFX, and meticulously preparing broadcast-ready files for television stations across nine European nations set to air the commercial. Helming this artistic endeavor was the acclaimed director Claire Norowzian, a two-time BAFTA laureate.

"Right from the get-go, the project posed immense challenges," says Maciej Shevchenko, VFX supervisor. "Our foremost concern was harmonizing with the essence and charm of the Pokémon universe, which has thrived for close to three decades. We kept in mind that our target audience comprised children hailing from all corners of the globe. Thus, we embarked on a creative journey to fashion graphics that seamlessly merged the timeless allure of traditional hand-drawn animation with the cutting-edge realm of 3D animation. The outcome was nothing short of awe-inspiring." 

London-based Platige Image clinched the production bid for the advertisement, spearheaded by a dynamic team comprising Sonia Marcinkowska as the producer, Maciej Szewczenko as the VFX supervisor, Agnieszka Górna as the head of production, and Marek Gajowski as the head of CG.  

With an impressive track record of over 2,500 commercials crafted for renowned national and international brands, Platige Image stands as a creative powerhouse. Collaborating with top-tier advertising agencies, they have brought to life captivating spots for prominent names such as AXE, Aston Martin, McDonald's, LEGO, and Tourism Australia. Notable among their acclaimed Polish creations are the beloved characters Heart and Mind, representing the Orange brand, as well as the iconic Zubr beer advertisement for Kompania Piwowarska. 

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